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Bhumi Pednekar in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Workout Video "Post Dengue"

Here are her go-to health habits. 

Bhumi Pednekar is breaking a sweat – in her two-piece workout ensemble. In a new social media post, the actress shows off her amazing body – including her flat abs – in exercise clothes during an intense gym session. "Post dengue I couldn't even walk a Km. Add to this a rib and knee injury along with massive muscle loss. I was a Mess!!! It's taken me 3 months to actually get back. Slow and steady," she captioned the Instagram post. What does an expert think about her workout – and what other exercise and diet habits help keep her in shape? Celebwell has all the details. 


A Great Full Body Workout, Says an Expert

Bhumi Pednekar/Instagram

Kendra Gamble, HIT Fitness Training, Huntingdon Valley, PA, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant explains that Bhumi is doing a full body workout "which is a good option if you are trying to focus on fat loss as well as some muscle gain," she said. "For the most part these are pretty good exercises. However, she doesn't recommend the one where she's on her back, her feet are on the ball, and she's tapping her heels on the ground alternating, "if you don't know how to properly engage your core (which most people don't) then you will feel your own back – and possibly injure it," she says. 


Devotion to Fitness

"I work really hard; it's become an active part of my routine," Bhumi told Vogue India. "If you want something, don't wait for a Monday to begin working for it. Just show up," she added to India Today. "I just woke up each day and showed up at the gym. I decided to never break this resolve, so there were days when I would merely take a steam and sauna and potter around. But I was there, soaking in the energy. There's no dearth of excuses when the motivation is down. I knew I had to push past this."



"Running regularly and light exercises along with a balanced diet will help keep you active. Hence, I start my day with running followed by a healthy breakfast including foods like nuts, fruits that help maintain my energy levels and give me the boost of nutrition I need to go about my day," she revealed in another interview with Vogue India.


Exercise Is Her "Me Time"

"The hour or two I spend in the gym every morning is me time," Bhumi told Vogue. "It's not just physical, it's meditative too; I do a lot of thinking when I'm working out."


Counting Steps

"I make sure to dedicate an hour to exercise daily and have made a resolution to complete 7,000-8,000 steps in a day so I don't feel lethargic. It may look difficult since you're indoors all the time but it's important to push yourself," she told Vogue. 

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