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Bikini Model Deniz Saypinar In Workout Gear Says "Bulk or Shredded?"

Here are her fitness tips.

Fitness and bikini model Deniz Saypinar is showing off the results of her constant training, hard work, and discipline. Saypinar, who is the first Turkish woman to achieve IFBB pro status, shared pictures of herself posing at the gym, wearing pink shorts and a sports bra which emphasized her incredibly strong and toned physique. "Bulk or shredded?" she captioned the post. Here's what Saypinar's intense wellness and workout regimen looks like. 


No Sugar

Deniz Saypinar/Instagram

Saypinar avoids sugar and dairy. "I can tell I'm very strict about my diet and I try to stay far from sugar as much as I can," she told Women Fitness. "When this sport becomes your lifestyle after a few years you start to not to calculate the amount of nutrition and your workout routines occur by the moment you hit the gym. I train 2-3 times a week and rest of the week mostly cardio or full body with light weights."


Muay Thai


Saypinar started her fitness journey with Muay Thai, but wanted to build more muscle. "Being skinny made me feel more insecure and I wanted to look strong and also I wanted to feel strong. Bodybuilding was the best decision for this," she told MO Marketplace. "I have tried team sports like volleyball, but because I have leader personality, I don"t want to be in a team if I don't lead."


No Ab Exercises

Deniz Saypinar/Instagram

Saypinar sees specific core exercises as unnecessary.  "I don't train abs often because if you apply any exercise properly you will be using your core actively," she told Women Fitness. "As long as you don't want to grow your abdominal muscles it is enough to work on them while you are applying any exercise. Squats is one of them. Secret to a toned body is diet and good sleep."


Glute Workouts

Deniz Saypinar/Instagram

Saypinar shares her glute workouts online. Here is one of them:

"Smith Machine Sumo Squat(slowly) + Smith Machine Close Leg Deadlift

Barbell Hip Thrust (half movement top of the exercise angle) + High Strength Circle Band Side Step (band on ankle)

Cable Glute Side Kick + Prone Bench Hip Abduction."


Hair and Skin

Saypinar keeps her beauty routine as natural as possible. "Hair and skin health depends on your life routine," she told Women Fitness. "What you eat, how you sleep or how consistently you train is so important. I do use OUAI hair products and for my skin; I do use organic raw coconut oil after shower. I also do skin peeling / scrub weekly once or twice."

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