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Binky Felstead in Workout Gear Shares Inspirational Fitness Advice

Why she wants you to “embrace the jiggle."

Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead is sharing some inspirational wellness advice for her fans and followers. Felstead, 33, posted a video of herself wearing black leggings and a gray shirt, doing an outdoor mat workout. "In a world that constantly tells us to change, let's embrace the power of acceptance. Your body is your sanctuary, and every inch tells a unique story. Let's be kind to ourselves, love the journey, and celebrate the incredible vessel that is our own body 💪🏼," she captioned the post. Here's how the busy mom of three stays fit, focused, and happy.


Smashing Her Workouts

Felstead loves the way regular exercise makes her feel (hello endorphins!). "Exercise gives me such a positive feeling!" she told Hip and Healthy. "Even when it's cold and I want to stay in bed and skip a workout, that feeling I get after I've smashed a great workout gets me up every time… [My top health tips are] eat little and often, breakfast is key! Never skip it! [Eat] a varied healthy diet – you don't want to get bored!"


HIIT and Horses

Felstead swears by high intensity workouts like HIIT. "I've always been active from a young age as I used to do a lot of horse riding, but it's only the past couple of years that I've really committed to fitness," she told Hip and Healthy. "I train three to four times a week and it's my go-to escape – it's important to me that my mind and body are the best they can be and fitness does that. I like to feel like I've exercised my whole body so I love a HIIT workout. Some days I do like to focus more on specific areas so I do exercises targeted to helping achieve a peachier bum!"


Fasted Training

Felstead always trains on an empty stomach. "Finding your motivation is the key to fitness," she told Women's Health. "After a weekend of indulgence, the last thing I want to do is head to the gym on Monday morning. Getting there is the hard bit. I stick my headphones in, crank up the house music and it's over before I know it. I train three times a week for an hour in the morning. I tend to not eat before I go to the gym in the morning because high-intensity training sometimes makes me feel sick. Also fasted training encourages my body to burn its own fat, rather than the food I've just eaten as energy."


Weekend Fun

Felstead is sensible during the week and indulges in her favorite spicy curries on the weekend. "I think it's good to have a day where you can go all out, every so often," she told Get the Gloss. "I think it's important to live a little and have a cheat day, go out to your favorite restaurant and enjoy it; I like the Big Easy on the King's Road and Cote in Parsons Green."


No Carbs After 5


Felstead enjoys a protein-packed diet with lots of healthy fats. "My normal breakfast is smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and avocado on rye bread," she told Get the Gloss. "I usually make breakfast for myself after walking my dog. I've been doing this delivery service called Fresh Fitness Food. It's my first time doing it but I've really been enjoying it. It's nice not to think about what to eat as it's already prepared for you. I try to avoid carbs after 5pm, but I love spicy food, like tom yum soup or king prawn soup for dinner. When I go on a night out I drink vodka, lime and soda."

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