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Binky Felstead Shares Swimsuit Photo Jumping Into Pool

Here are her top health tips.

Binky Felstead is living her best life in Greece – in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Made in Chelsea beauty shows off her incredible figure in a bathing suit while staying at the Peligoni Club.  "50 shades of blue 🩵What an incredible Villa," she captioned the Instagram post. "U look absolutely amazing," commented one of her followers. "Wow your look sensational Binky – I need your workout routine please," another chimed in. How does the reality star stay fit? Celebwell rounded up her top health tips. 


Exercise in the Morning

Binky recommends morning workouts. "I get up at 7am and I make India's breakfast and then take her to nursery. After that, I squeeze in an hour or 40-minute workout in my gym or with my personal trainer, Tyrone," she explained to Health & Wellbeing. "It starts the day for me perfectly. It gives me those happy endorphins and means I've got more energy; I feel more positive."


Do HIIT Workouts

Binky enjoys strength and weight training HIIT sessions. "I do high intensity bodyweight workouts nearly every day with Tyrone," she tells Health & Wellbeing. "We mix it up with strength and high intensity because I like getting a sweat on. Tyrone does yoga and Pilates too, but I'm more of a 'go for it' girl."


Eat Protein and Veggies

Binky's meal consists of protein and veggies. "I don't really have breakfast, instead I have an early lunch. Usually that's salmon or meat with loads of veggies," she tells Health & Wellbeing. "I eat chicken and fish and try not to have too much red meat. For dinner, I usually have a salad-based protein meal," she said, adding that she loves spice and eats "quite big portions."


Take a Walk

Walking is "massively" important, according to Binky, who goes on "a long three-hour walk" on the weekends, she tells Health & Wellbeing. "It's so good for your health and your mental wellbeing. Getting out there; getting some fresh air – I love it!"


Soak in Hot Water

Binky soaks away her aches and pains. "Good morning," she captioned an early AM soak in the tub. How can baths do your body and mind good? They have been linked to better sleep and even found helpful to minimize anxiety and depression. One recent study even found that they may even boast cardiovascular benefits.


Do Pilates

Binky also does pilates. "It's all about the last minute WEDMIN atm!! All very exciting ( and a little stressful ) so I've decided to hang out here for a bit this morning!" she captioned an Instagram photo of herself on a reformer. "The nicest stretch EVER!" 

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