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Blake Lively in Black Workout Gear Shows Off Toned Physique 

Five ways Blake Lively gets fit. 

From her swoon-worthy red carpet looks to her unforgettable stylish characters and Taylor Swift friendship goals, Blake Lively has given us so many great pop culture moments, and now she's giving us serious fitness inspiration. The Gossip Girl star looks incredible just months after welcoming her fourth child and showed off her hard work. In a hilarious Instagram post, the 36-year-old wore a two-piece tight black gym in a before and after photo of her pregnant with the caption, "been doing @donsaladino 's workout program for months now. Something isn't working." For over 10 years, Lively has worked with her trainer Don Saladino and the results are amazing. Here's everything to know about her regime and how she stays in such great shape. 


She's Consistent

In an interview with E! Saladino explained that Lively's dedication is a big part of her training.  "I think the thing with Blake now is that she's understanding the importance of trying to be consistent," Saladino said. "She's no different than any other person you know, she's a mother right? She's a human being. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean that her tissue or muscle or bones are any different. She's a human being."


She Doesn't Make Excuses


While Lively's gym sessions might not always be at the level of intensity she would like, her goal is just to move and be active. "Most people out there have to understand that this isn't about coming in and stepping on the gas and going as hard as you can every workout. That's the biggest mistake that people make," Saladino explained. "The reality is, it's never gonna be a perfect scenario, right? There's always going to be things getting in your way. That's just life. Just get in there and move."


She Has a Nutritional Diet


You can work out every day, but if you're not making healthy food choices, chances are you won't make your fitness goals. "Your plate should look colorful," Saladino shared with E! "Your plate should have your protein on it. Your plate should have your vegetables on it. Your plate should have your slow-burning carbohydrates on it. And that's not ever going to change."


She Eats A Lot of Veggies


Saladino stressed how important eating vegetables daily is. "We need to be consuming as many vegetables as possible," he said. "They need to be cooked. They need to be raw, they need to be juiced. One's not better than the other, we need to just rotate through. And we need to have many different colorful vegetables because this is going to help our micronutrient profile so the amount of vitamins and minerals and fiber that's in our body. This is what helps detoxify our body and clean ourselves out."


She Pays Attention to the Quality of Ingredients


Another way Lively stays healthy is by being mindful of the ingredients she eats. "It's not diets, it's nutrition, right?" Saladino said. "It's making sure that the foods we're eating, have high levels of nutrition, making sure the foods you're eating are powerful, even if you're having a dessert, make sure it's made of quality ingredients, that it doesn't have all these partially hydrogenated oils in it, which are terrible. You want to really start paying attention to the ingredients. The less ingredients are normally the better."

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