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Blue Bloods Star Cassandra Freeman in Swimsuit is "On Vacay"

Her rules for a good life.

Blue Bloods star Cassandra Freeman is on vacation—but she's still encouraging and teaching new skills. Freeman, 45, shared a video of herself encouraging followers to try her method of being concise using legos, wearing a black bikini with white shirt against a tropical background. "When I'm hosting or on a panel, I'm always trying to be CONCISE! So I do this @gktrainingonline drill. If you want to learn how to use it, get some Lego bricks (or anything else you can stack🍌)🤣 and click on this link in my bio. Even when I was on vacay I'm practicing Something!!!!" she captioned the post. Here are her other rules for a happy life.


Alexander Technique

Freeman meditates every day. "I practice TM [Transcendental Meditation]," she says. "I meditate two to three times a day. I practice the Alexander Technique too, which is all about alignment of your spine. If you have a healthy spine, you have a healthy life. When I have moments in my trailer, I just lay down in rest position, which is basically knees are touching and you're lying on your back, you can do a deep state of rest like that, but actually feel more energetic. I do gua sha on my time off every day in the morning and the evening when I take off my makeup."


Meditation, Not Wine


Freeman meditates as an alternative to stress relief such as alcohol. "I think meditation changes every day, just how we change every day," she says. "Even still, there are days where it's hard for me to sit down and do it, and then there are other days where it's so simple. But I always feel like when I sit down to meditate, the first minute feels the hardest, and the second feels less hard and by then, 20 minutes might just pass. I'm looking at meditation as my alternative to coffee or wine. So much so that coffee and wine aren't even my first go-to. I sort of check into my body and think, 'What is it that I actually need right now?' Sometimes it's just water and lemon. That's what's great about meditation—it makes you notice the subtle body and what the subtle body needs to restore itself."


Rules For Life

Freeman has specific rules for when she needs a boost. "I think it's important we all have a list of at least 5 things we need to do when we feel low or challenged," she says. "I have about 6 or so. Mine are: 1) Press reset and begin brand new again in whatever is overwhelming you 2) Call someone and tell them exactly what is going on, that is challenging. 3) Go outside into nature, barefoot is for extra credit. 4) Do something artistic that can safely allow you to release stress. My close friends and I love karaoke, and after a night of singing, it feels like we did a workout for our spirit!"


Gut Health


Freeman's list continues with a focus on gut health and, of course, meditation. "Eat something great and remember your gut and brain are connected, so if one is off, so is the other," she says. "6) Finally exercise and meditation – the days that are hardest for me to meditate are the days I need it the most. And if you don't know how to meditate, just consciously breathe in for 7 counts, hold for 3 and release the breath through your heart and inside say, 'I am valuable and I honor myself.'"


Lemon Water

Freeman stays hydrated but makes it delicious. "The simplest things are the truest things, so I drink a lot of water, but my water is always infused with lemon or cucumber," she says. "I have my favorite water bottle. It's like I'm a three-year-old. I won't drink water unless it's in this certain water bottle that I have because I like room temperature water. It keeps it at the perfect temperature, and actually for women, it's best to drink room temperature water anyway."

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