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Boity Thulo Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Island Gyal"

Here is everything she does to stay in shape. 

Boity Thulo is heating up the tropics in her swimsuit. In a few of her latest social media posts the South African stunner flaunts her famous figure in some tiny bathing suits, riling up her millions of followers. "Island gyal," she captioned one of the Instagram posts. "Out of office," she wrote in another. "Stunning," commented one of her six million fans. "Faints," added another. How does the musician keep herself fit and healthy? Here are some of the many ways. 


She Lost Over 13 Pounds in a Month


Boity lost a whopping 13 pounds in just a month. "I've always been athletic and never really had body issues," she told Women's Health South Africa. However, when she noticed a dress didn't fit she decided to take action. "It was actually the picture of me in the dress that made me aware that I wasn't looking like myself anymore. The scale also played a role, but not as much as that picture. More than anything, though, the unhealthy feeling was almost unbearable. I felt heavy, bloated, spiritually unbalanced and uncomfortable in my skin," she said. 


She Went on a 7-Day Vegan Diet

Boity went on a seven-day vegan diet, cutting out salt, coffee, alcohol and sugar. "My weakness is sugar. But the ultimate is any Häagen-Dazs and Cinnabons," she revealed. 


She Does at Home Workouts

Boity makes sure to exercise, even when she doesn't have a ton of time. "When I didn't get time to work out at the gym, I'd go at it at home," she told Women's Health. Google was my friend. I searched for videos of specific workouts that I could do to target the areas I was trying to get into shape."


She Boxes

Boity also started boxing. She usually takes a 30 minute class in the afternoon. Harvard Health maintains that boxing is a great way to build strength, improve balance, posture, hand-eye coordination, boost mood and endurance, and helps increase alertness. 


She Squats

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Boity maintains that squats were crucial in helping her get in shape. "They work the abs and bum and shape my behind beautifully. And it's an all-in-one exercise. I also love calf raises because I'm obsessed with toned, defined calf muscles," she told Women's Health. 


She Drinks Lemon Water


Boity drinks lemon water right after she wakes up. "I do this every morning and chase it with black coffee," she told the publication. 


She Runs

Boity does a 5K run every day. "I think cardio is more for weight loss than for muscle gain and toning," she said. "I only do cardio when I want to lose kilos before getting back into weight training."

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