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Bollywood Star Afreen Alvi Shows Off Slim Figure in New Photo

She’s best known for her appearance in Shubh Laabh.

Afreen Alvi is a successful actress. She's best known for her appearance in Shubh Laabh. Alvi is gorgeous and isn't afraid to show off her figure. Her Instagram is full of gorgeous photos. This week, she shared a set of photos of herself in a leopard print, two-piece swimsuit. Alvi's impressive stomach was on display. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Afreen Alvi stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Stayed Focused


Alvi opened up about the secrets behind her success in an interview. She says that she made sure to stay focused on her goals. "I always believe if you work hard and you have your goal set in your mind, the universe will give you luck in return eventually. When I saw my parents being proud because of my achievements, because of my work. When they saw me on TV and probably told everybody that she's my daughter. That was in my way, success."


She Goes Out With Friends

Alvi spends a lot of time with her friends. She shares a lot of their adventures on her Instagram. Alvi and her friends enjoyed time at a concert at the Sunbird Festival. She posted this video of herself dancing in the audience while watching a show. She captioned the post, "Monday Motivation. With my peeps." Hanging out with friends increases happiness and serotonin levels.Β 


She Swims

Alvi spends a lot of time in the water. A lot of her posts on Instagram are herself enjoying time at the beach or the pool. She loves to swim to stay in shape. Alvi shared this video of herself doing strokes in the pool. She captioned the post, "Are you a water person too?" Alvi also shared this photo of herself in the ocean, captioning it, "Imagine."


She Has Great Experiences

It can be difficult working in the industry, however, Alvi has been lucky to have good experiences. In an interview with The Times of India, she opened up about a great experience she had on set. "The Shubh Laabh team was really good. They were like family to me. I am still in touch with them. And the production team was so nice. Whatever fun people saw on screen was happening off camera as well. We laughed and enjoyed making the show. It was a beautiful experience."


She Dances

Alvi is an avid dancer, and shares a lot of dance videos on social media. Better Health reports that dancing has a lot of benefits. "Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Dancing can improve your muscle tone, strength, endurance and fitness. Dancing is a great way to meet new friends."

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