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Bollywood Star Alia Bhatt in Workout Gear Shares "A Million Mirror Selfies"

Here’s what her workout routine looks like.

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt is showing off the results of her intense gym routine and diet. Bhatt, 30, shared several beautiful photos of herself wearing a variety of outfits, including one snap of her in gray pants and a tank top, posing next to weights in a gym. "Many moods & a million mirror selfies 💫," she captioned the post. Bhatt is known for her strong physique and boundless energy—here's how she does it, according to the actress, her trainer, and her nutritionist.


Strength, Cardio, Yoga

Bhatt works out with trainer Sohrab Khushrushahi, who keeps the actress on her toes. She also enjoys regular yoga sessions. "Alia's workout routine is a mix of strength, functional and high-intensity work," Khushrushahi told Vogue India. "On the days we can't meet, I'll send her a cardio routine to do which she follows diligently. She loves running and working on her legs. I've always believed routine is boring. And while you need to be boring at times to see results, I love mixing up the workouts. So Alia's routine is always changing."


Small Meals All Day

Bhatt's nutritionist Angie Kassabie makes sure the actress gets all the nutrients she needs with several smaller meals spaced out throughout the day. "Alia's diet started off with clean food—mainly seafood and vegetables, a little bit of carbs in rice and a bit of protein pasta," she told Vogue India. "Of course, we're having all the fibers in the morning with proteins. We're also giving her desserts on a regular basis—low in carbs, fats, cholesterol and very low in calories—where every piece contains between 160-260 calories."


Barely-There Makeup

Bhatt loves a natural look when it comes to her skincare and makeup. "I'm very into glowy make-up, which is barely-there skin, where you just see luminous skin," she told Harper's Bazaar. "I like to find that in-between where the skin just looks great. Even when you have make-up on it doesn't look like you're wearing make-up. It just looks like good skin…with just a bit of make-up on."


Postpartum Confidence

Bhatt gained a new appreciation for her body since having a baby. "I think what I would tell my younger self is that you have so many years ahead of you to worry about things that will actually be worrisome," she told Harper's Bazaar. "Do not worry about the way your body is looking or where you feel like there's a little bit of tubbiness, or if you feel like you have jiggly and wiggly arms. I think I always felt very conscious about those things."


Diet For Energy

Bhatt's diet was designed to keep her full of energy during her filming schedule. "Alia is in good shape. She is someone who works out often and tries to stay fit as much as she can," Kassabie told Vogue India. "The goal of every good diet plan and meal is weight loss and having enough energy so you can take all the hours of work, especially in very low temperatures. The body needs a lot of energy in the winter in Bulgaria, which is approximately minus 14 to 15 degrees. We basically gave her all the nutrients to meet her goals, to keep her body fit and drop the couple of kilos she wants to drop."

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