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Bollywood Star Alia Bhatt Shares Swimsuit Video of "Day Off"

Here are her top health habits.

Alia Bhatt is enjoying self-care in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the Indian actress gives her followers a glimpse of her amazing body in a red bathing suit, while also revealing how she spent her day off: Floating in an indoor pool. "My schedule on my day off," she wrote. "That's it. That's my schedule." Her followers were quick to praise her. "Honestly the perfect day off," commented one. "Water baby," added another. Other than taking self-care days, what are her other healthy habits? Celebwell rounded up a few of them. 


"Healthy and Organic" Eating

Alia once revealed in an interview, per StyleCraze that she lost a lot of weight for a role by eating organic and healthy foods. "I was put on to a personal fitness instructor, who put me on a diet. So all I ate was vegetables and chicken and gave up everything that I loved to eat," she said. 


Eating in Moderation claims she eats everything in moderation and sticks to several small meals per day, each with a source of protein, healthy fats, veggies, fruits, and fresh fruit juices in her diet. "I make it a point to have eight meals a day. That way, I can limit my portion sizes and food gets digested easily. This diet has worked for me," she said. 


Here Is What She Eats in a Day


Alia has revealed a page out of her diet diary. 

Breakfast: A hot cup of herbal tea or coffee without sugar + a bowl of vegetable poha or an egg white sandwich.

Mid-Morning: A bowl of fruit (mostly papaya) or one idli with a bowl of sambar.

Lunch: 1 roti without ghee + lots of vegetables + 1 cup daal + curd or vegetable quinoa with chicken

Evening Snack: A cup of sugar-free tea or coffee + 1 one idli with a bowl of sambar

Dinner: 1 roti without ghee + a bowl of vegetables + 1 cup daal and occasionally a grilled chicken breast.


Daily Exercise

Alia is committed to fitness, working out with a trainer six days per week. Yoga, Pilates, and strength training are some of her favorite workouts. "Progress not perfection," she captioned this photo of herself striking a pose. Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving. Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle-strengthening activity, according to the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.


Listening to Her Body

Shortly after welcoming her child, Alia shared that she was "gradually re-building my connection with my core, and with full guidance from my teacher @anshukayoga I was able to attempt this inversion today." She also offered some advice to other women. "To my fellow mamas, listening to your body post delivery is key. Do NOT do anything your gut tells you not to. For the first week or two during my workouts, all I did was breathe… walk… find my stability and balance again (& I still have a long way to go) Take your time – appreciate what your body has done. After what my body did this year I have taken a vow to never be hard on myself again. Childbirth is a miracle in every way, and giving your body that love and support that it gave you is the least we can do 🤍 P.S – every body is different – pls speak to your doctor before doing anything that involves exercise," she captioned the post. 

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