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Boxer Jajaira Gonzalez In Workout Gear Says "Earned, Not Given"

One snap shows the athlete flashing the peace sign for the camera.

Boxer Jajaira Gonzalez is working hard to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympics, and she's clearly going all in, if her social media is any indication. Gonzalez, 27, shared pictures of herself working out on a stationary air bike, wearing a black Nike shirt and purple shorts. One snap shows the athlete flashing the peace sign for the camera. "Earned. Not Given," she captioned the post (which is also the quote on her shirt). "You got this, bring home the gold!" a fan commented. Here's what Gonzalez's approach to health and training looks like.


Better Fighter

Gonzalez used the four-year hiatus during COVID to work on herself, inside and out. "I really missed fighting and competing. I feel happiest and most at home in the ring and I was lost without it," she told "I returned with an elevated mindset. I used to let a lot of things get to me, instead of letting them motivate me. It made me hungrier, and angry but in a good way where I can implement that into the sport. I'm a different fighter now. I fixed a lot of the mistakes that I used to make even though I was still winning, I'm a lot more technical now. I don't just rush in and throw punches and look sloppy."


Journaling For Mental Health


Gonzalez says journaling changed her life. "I always do that and when things get tough, I also get outside and get some fresh air on my face," she told "Talking to people like my therapist also helps. I used to think it was kind of weak to do that but it helps a lot because instead of bottling things up and walking around angry or depressed, I get it out of my system. It's all about controlling the controllables."


Boxing Childhood

Gonzalez started boxing at eight years old, after her father encouraged her to try the sport. "At first I didn't want to, I thought it was for boys," she told Uchic. "But I pretty much had no choice so I started going- and I hated it! I would pretend to be sick so I wouldn't have to go. But then one day a boy asked what I was doing at the gym. He said 'girls can't fight.' It made me mad because I had been there longer than him, so I told my dad about it. He told the boy that I was going to spar him and gave him a couple of weeks to get ready. I beat him up pretty badly, it was no competition for me."


Ready To Fight

Gonzalez is focused on her training in the run up to Paris 2024. "In order to get to Paris, these next few months are big," she told USA Boxing. "I just have to stay consistent, disciplined and focused with everything I've been doing, like my therapy, my journaling, my training and allowing my body to recover as well because that plays a big part. I can't wait to continue this journey."


Olympic Dreams

Gonzalez is determined to show what she's capable of this summer. "Only I can beat me, but I can't mess up this second chance," she told "I have a very strong mindset and I'm very confident. I don't feel like anyone can beat me, and I don't feel like anyone is on my level. Converting my Youth Olympic Games gold medal into an Olympic gold medal would be a dream come true, and it's the only thing that's on my mind. I won't stop until I get it."

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