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Brazilian Model Bruna Marquezine Shares Swimsuit Photo From a Boat

Here are her lifestyle habits

Bruna Marquezine is heating up social media with her latest swimsuit snaps. In one of her latest posts, the model-slash-actress and former flame of soccer star Neymar, shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while vacationing in the tropics. "Beautiful! I love you," commented one of her followers. "How perfect," added another. How does the Brazilian bombshell maintain her fit figure? Keep reading for some of the lifestyle habits she has incorporated over the years. 


She Eats Fresh, Clean Foods

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During her recent vacation, Bruno gave her followers a glimpse of what was on the menu. It includes poke bowls, sushi, edamame, and fresh juices.


She Drinks Tea Every Morning

In a video of her morning routine for Elle, Bruna revealed that she starts every morning with tea. "It has lemon, ginger," she said, adding that she also includes propolis oil, a honey-related product with reported health benefits such as improved immunity, lowered blood pressure, treated allergies and skin conditions, according to a study


She Battled Body Issues


Bruna is open about her body struggles. "I started to hate my body," she revealed in one of her Instagram Stories. "I thought I had to lose weight any way I could. I took laxatives every day for more than three months."


She Stands Up to Body Shamers


In the same post, she blasted body shamers for making fun of her body. "Being sincere is different to being rude. If someone asks your opinion, then tell them the truth. If a person does not ask, keep quiet," she said. "In none of my photos did I ask you if I am pretty or not. Women's bodies are not only there to please men, or please anyone for that matter, we just want to be healthy and happy. If you have opinions that are likely to offend of make someone feel bad about their body, no matter your intention, just stay quiet and do not comment. I love my body and I am very happy the way I am. I do not want to lose weight. I recently lost a little weight for a role I was playing because it was interesting for the character."


She Doesn't Follow Diets

Bruna's nutritionist Patricia Davidson told Metropoles that she refuses to follow diets. "Bruna's diet is very individualized, according to her needs at the moment," she explained. "But, in general, her diet is very rich in vegetables, greens and seeds. We also include essential amino acids to meet your protein demand. Everything is thought out so that she can perform with ease in the midst of her hectic routine."

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