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Bridgerton Star Sabrina Bartlett in Workout Gear "Fell in Love With Norway"

She loved "it’s wild and majestic beauty."

Sabrina Bartlett is an actress. She is known for her roles on Bridgerton and The Larkins. She recently enjoyed a trip to Norway, and shared highlights on Instagram. In them, she and some friends hiked up a mountain and went on a picnic. Bartlett captioned the post, "Fell in love with Norway and it's wild and majestic beauty. Memories for life hiking across the Fjords with @norway_mountain_guides who made our experience so special." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sabrina Bartlett  stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Bartlett has amazing skin, and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared her routine in her Country and Townhouse interview. "I tend to stick to a really simple routine to keep my skin clean and I don't use multiple products. I actually had dermatitis this year and had to really strip back everything I was using to the bare minimum. Luckily, my skin is behaving itself these days!"


She Exfoliates

Bartlett shared some of her skincare secrets in another interview with Country and Townhouse. She says that she makes sure to keep her skin exfoliated. "I like a simple yet effective skin care routine and skin care products. At the moment I'm using Temple Spa  IN THE BEGINNING – which is a gentle exfoliating cleansing balm that gets all my make off after filming and leaves my skin super soft."


She Practices Yoga


Bartlett is a big fan of practicing yoga. She tells Country and Townhouse that she likes to take virtual classes. "I  discovered  the  most amazing  yoga  teacher,  Emily  Hughes,  during the first lockdown, who has completely transformed  my  strength  and  tone.  Emily  has  an online platform where people can come and take  live  classes  and  time  out  for  themselves.  I religiously attend her sessions. I'd highly recommend checking her out."


She Swims

Bartlett tells Country and Townhouse that she likes to go swimming to stay in shape. "I am a big fan of wild swimming," she says. "Whatever the weather or time of year I just love the experience of plunging into the water. It's the best remedy for any mood."


She Goes Outside

Bartlett shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Country and Townhouse. She says that she loves to spend time outside. "I try to be outside as much as I can – fresh air and switching off my phone are key. Even if it's windy or cold I love escaping to the mud and the green for a bit."

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