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Brittany Cartwright In Workout Gear Is "Getting Focused" With Gym Selfie

Cartwright, 35, lost 45 pounds after welcoming son Cruz in 2021, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Pump Rules star Brittany Cartwright is focusing on the future—and her fitness. Cartwright, 35, lost 45 pounds after welcoming son Cruz in 2021, and shows no signs of slowing down. The reality star shared a picture of herself wearing brown pants and a matching shirt, taking a selfie at the gym. "Getting focused," reads the text over her picture. Cartwright recently announced her separation from husband Jax Taylor—here's how she's taking care of her health, wellness, and happiness.


Portion Control

Cartwright used Jenny Craig to lose weight after having her baby and is now an official ambassador for the brand. "The first time around with Jenny Craig I lost 45 pounds because I just had my baby Cruz," she told "I want to maintain my weight so I can stay healthy for my kid. Chasing around a toddler takes energy! I love my body and I feel great where I'm at. I've learned portion control and intermittent fasting which is so helpful. I love this program, it really works for me as they teach you a lot about how to eat."


Intermittent Fasting


Cartwright says intermittent fasting helped curb her snacking habit. "Intermittent fasting has been a huge help as well, snacking has always been an issue for me so I try my hardest to stop at a certain point," she told "I will not lie I would love to lose five or 10 more pounds but my big priorities just to be fair I want to feel good about myself."


Postpartum Journey

Cartwright wants to encourage other women not to focus on "bouncing back" after having a baby. "I was trolled horribly on social media and it really affected me," she told Extra. "[I want to] help other women realize it's okay to take your time. Every single woman is not gonna bounce right back after they have a baby, and I think there's just too much pressure. I felt it big-time."


Never Read the Comments


Cartwright avoids reading any comments about herself online. "I'm such a people-pleaser, and I try to be positive 24/7," she told TODAY. "People will just say something that is completely not true and say it like it's the truth. And then people believe it. That is one of the most difficult things to deal with sometimes, whenever people believe things that are not true or not like your personality at all."


Running and Power Walking

Brittany Cartwright/Instagram

Cartwright works out four to five times a week. "I'm a runner and I use weights and I love interval training, it's really good for me," she told "'I often do power walking and sprinting back-and-forth – running is good for my mental health and it's so nice to get outside and go for a walk. If I don't work out, I just feel sluggish."

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