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Broncos Cheerleader Berkleigh Wright Shares Swimsuit Photo Since "Summer's Not Over"

Account manager by day, cheerleader by night.

Denver Broncos cheerleader Berkleigh Wright isn't ready to say goodbye to summer (or her swimsuits) just yet. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit finalist took some time off from her busy schedule as an account manager and professional NFL cheerleader to get some R&R at the Clayton Members Club & Hotel in Denver. Wright shared pictures of herself posing in a white one-piece swimsuit, with a white shirt and straw hat. "Summer's not over until Clayton says it's over ☀️," she captioned the post. Here's how she works hard, plays hard, and cheers hard.


Look Good, Feel Good

Wright starts the day with a cup of matcha green tea to wake up and hit the ground running. "I'm all about the look good, feel good, work good vibes," she says. "I always like to wake up and do my full skincare [routine], put on a fresh face and make sure that I'm setting myself up for success and a productive day."


Sports Illustrated Beckons

Wright was a finalist in the Sports Illustrated Swim Search competition (no surprise there!). "I took this leap of faith because I feel that Sports Illustrated [Swimsuit] is a world-class organization that embodies everything I strive to be as a woman," she says. "It extends beyond beauty: they stand for being a strong individual with depth, brains, kindness and integrity. A brand that celebrates everyone's differences, exhibiting that our imperfections are what makes us beautiful. SI Swim helped me embrace those ideals in myself, and now I strive to imprint that mindset in others."


Skiing Trips

Like a true Colorado girl, Wright is at home on the slopes. "It's well documented that skiing and snowboarding benefits cardiovascular health, overall fitness, strength, coordination, balance and more," says the Canadian Ski Council. "Regardless of your health and fitness goals, strapping on a pair of skis or a snowboard is sure to fulfill some of them. Due to the versatility of skiing and snowboarding, it can encompass the benefits of a cardio workout, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, and strength training session, all in one fun activity."


Advice To Younger Self


Wright's advice she would give her younger self is all about self-love and confidence. "Listen to your heart. If something is on it, it is there for a reason. Some things are only meant to be in your life for a reason or a season. Letting them go with grace will make room for what is meant to stay. Find your people and hold them close. Kindness is cool. Your authentic, genuine, weird and quirky self is the MOST beautiful thing you can be."


Role Model

Wright wants to use her platform with the Denver Broncos and Sports Illustrated to be a role model for younger women. "Winning SI Swim Search to me means being a part of something bigger than myself," she says. "Being a member of the Sports Illustrated family and having this powerful platform would help me further myself as a mentor and reach a wider audience of our youth. A mentor that demonstrates to our younger generation that you are not limited by your external factors, but rather unlimited by the person you can become from the inside out."

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