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Brooke Burke in Two-Piece Outfit De-stresses in the Ocean

"So many life lessons this week."

Brooke Burke is a lot of things. She's a former model. She's a TV host. She's a blogger. And she's a health expert. Burke recently enjoyed a day in the ocean, and shared a reel on her Instagram. Burke captioned the post, "Dreaming of this moment. It's my friendly reminder that the stress I feel right now will pass. So many life lessons this week. This too shall pass. #Costarica vibes are bottled up and with me…." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Brooke Burke stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Intermittent Fasts

Burke opened up about her diet in this post on her website. She says that she has turned to intermittent fasting, and encourages others to try it out. "My suggestion for anyone who is seeking to improve their diet is to start with a simple but powerful tool: intermittent fasting. Now, I know that the word 'fasting' might immediately conjure up images of deprivation and hunger, but that's a whole different kind of fasting. Intermittent fasting is simply about arranging your meals within an 8‑hour window of the day. For instance, you might confine your meals and snacks to between 11am and 7pm. This not only prevents you from eating early in the morning or late at night, but it also allows you to still fuel your body during the day and burn fat while you sleep."


She Loves Salads

In the same blog post, Burke talked about what she eats in a day. She says that one thing she likes for lunch is a salad. "By around 3 in the afternoon, I am usually ready for some protein. I really love to eat a good, crunchy, colorful salad. Sometimes, I have a chicken Cobb salad without the blue cheese. Today, I had a beautiful veggie salad with grilled salmon. I often just throw together whatever fresh veggies I have on hand and top it with a simple olive oil vinaigrette and a little lemon or my favorite homemade tarragon dressing."


She Gets Protein In Her Diet

In the same post, Burke talked about her typical dinners. She says that she usually likes a protein with veggies on the side. "For dinner, I absolutely love a fresh salad, grilled chicken or salmon, and grilled veggies. I try to find a nice balance of protein, fiber, and flavor that satisfies without being heavy. I never want to get up from a meal feeling bloated or sluggish. Tonight, I had a salad with steak and veggies. There is something magical about grilling veggies that just wakes up their flavor!


She Schedules Workouts


Burke shared some of her wellness tips in an interview with Forbes. She says that she makes sure to schedule her workout sessions. "I knock out workouts in the morning. It gives me the energy boost to be able to do everything else in my life. I schedule it like I schedule everything else—business meetings, kids' sports events, etc. It also teaches my children the value of 'me time."


She Believes In Moderation

Burke tells Forbes that she's a believer in moderation when it comes to food. "I try to eat something similar to a Mediterranean diet—lean meat, fish, crunchy vegetables, olive oil and green tea. Avoiding starches, flour, processed foods and saturated fats. But I [also] enjoy decadent meals every once in a while and I don't beat myself up over it."

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