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Bruna Marquezine in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shows Off Abs

She showed off her rock hard abs on Instagram.

Bruna Marquezine is a model and actress. She became the first Brazilian protagonist in a DC movie with her role in Blue Beetle. She was also the third Brazilian to attend the Met Gala. She recently hit the gym with a friend, and showed off her rock hard abs on Instagram. In a photo posted to her story, Marquezine wore a black workout gear. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Bruna Marquezine stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Wants To Be A Role Model


Marquezine wants to be a role model for other Brazilians and Latin women. She talked about this in an interview with Harper's Bazaar after going to the Met Gala. "Sometimes big events like this feel like a fever dream, and I'm not able to fully live in the moment, but I really want to soak it all in," she says. "I pinch myself every day. This last year has been beyond what I could've pictured for myself. From Blue Beetle and being the first Brazilian protagonist in a DC movie, to now being at the Met, I'm so grateful to be in this position, and my hope is that Brazilians and Latina women continue to get the opportunities we deserve and feel represented in TV, film, fashion, and all aspects of life. I'm so proud to represent my country on such an iconic evening."


She Keeps Her Skincare Simple

Marquezine broke down her skincare approach to The Zoe Report. "I use three different products at night. Usually I just remove everything I have on — makeup, sunscreen, all that. I wash my face, I use a face mist, and then depending on the night, I use a serum or a cream. These three I use every night. Back home [in Brazil], I don't wear a lot of moisturizer [like I do] when I'm traveling here in New York because of the weather — then I have to wear a bit of moisturizer."


She Washes Her Face

Marquezine tells The Zoe Report that she washes her face each morning. "It's pretty similar in the morning. I wake up and wash my face. But back home, I wash when I go to bed and when I wake up. But when I'm traveling, when I'm outside of Brazil, especially like L.A. and New York, now I'm trying this new thing of not washing your face [in the morning], just washing once a day. I still feel weird about it, but I'm trying. But when I'm back home, I wash my face when I wake up as well. And then I do a serum, or whatever my skin is asking for, and top with my sunscreen. With time, if you take the time to get to know your skin and learn how to read it, you'll understand what you need."


She Takes Care Of Her Hair


Marquezine shared her haircare routine with The Zoe Report. "I don't wear a lot of stuff but after I shower, I'm obsessed with Olaplex. There's this Philip Lim product I wear after I shower that I mix with Olaplex Step 6. I have thin hair that changes with the weather so back home, it gets curlier. I like to wear this mist with coconut water in it that's super light, but it makes your curls look fresh. It smells really nice."


She Works Out While Traveling

Bruna Marquezine/Instgaram

Marquezine told The Zoe Report that she makes sure to be consistent with fitness, even when she travels. "For me, it's easier to have a healthy diet — it makes me feel better. I need to sleep well, eat well, and try to exercise. When I'm traveling, I look up quick workouts online just so I feel mentally better. When I'm back home, it's easier for me to have a wellness routine, but when I'm traveling, I just try my best to do things that make me feel grounded and like I'm taking care of myself."

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