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Camila Cabello in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "I'm Blacking Out FR"

She captioned a photo of her on the floor, a post-exercise glow about her, despite the pain.

Camila Cabello just finished a workout and "I'm Blacking Out FR" she captioned a photo of her on the floor, a post-exercise glow about her, despite the pain. The icon first came into prominence in 2012, when she auditioned for the US version of The X Factor. On the show, she was placed into the group, Fifth Harmony, and they placed third. Cabello enjoyed a successful career with Fifth Harmony, before leaving in 2016. She then launched her solo career, with singles like "Havana" and "Bam Bam" with Ed Sheeran. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 7 ways Camila Cabello stays in shape.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin


Cabello has become interested in skincare, and has a partnership with L'oreal. She talked about this in an interview with Rolling Stone. "They have a new L'Oreal Paris Bright Reveal 12% Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum. I've actually become a really big skincare junkie so I really do know that these ingredients are really good. We need our Niacinamide. We need our retinol. Lately, I've been doing some gua sha every day."


She Uses Sunscreen


Cabello makes sure to wear sunscreen, and shared her favorite brand with Rolling Stone. "I definitely use SPF every day even if there's no visible sun out. If it's light outside, I'm using SPF, [especially] the new L'Oreal Paris Bright Reveal Broad Spectrum Daily UV Lotion with antioxidants. That's very exciting to me because I love my sunscreen every day."


She's Eating Healthy


Cabello tells Rolling Stone that she is working on being healthier. Her first step? Changing her diet. "I didn't grow up eating healthy, or eating vegetables really. So I've really learned the value of food being medicine this year. Eating better does make you feel better. They're not lying about that."


She Pushes Herself

Cabello opened up about what inspires her to write new music to Rolling Stone. "It always has to be about challenging myself and doing something new. So really consuming a lot of new art and a lot of new references. A lot of new music, new movies, new novels, new photography. To me, what produces different output is having new input. That's what's inspired me."


She Stands Up For Herself


After being body shamed for photos taken of her, Cabello spoke out against this on Instagram. "We see pictures of women and praise them for looking good, for looking fit or 'healthy', but what is health if you are so fixated on what your body looks like that your mental health suffers and you can't enjoy your life," she wrote. "Who am I trying to look attractive for and am I even attractive to myself if I can't let loose and relax and have fun and be playful on a beautiful day at the beach?"


She Takes Care of Her Hair


Cabello has amazing hair, and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared her secrets with Bustle. "I wash probably every two or three days, just because it's better for you to let those oils sink in. I brush [my hair] with one of those brushes that have the really strong bristles [that] almost kind of hurt. It's so good for your scalp and it stimulates hair growth."


She Uses Natural Products

Camila Cabello/Instagram

Cabello wants to help take care of the planet. For this reason, she uses a lot of organic beauty products. She shared her favorite natural deodorant with Bustle. "I use Native. I'll use anything that's organic or doesn't have any chemicals."

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