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Camila Cabello Shares Swimsuit Photo Showing Off Strong Core

Here are the singer’s lifestyle habits.

Camila Cabello is showing off her ab-fab core in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the Havana singer flaunts her washboard abs in a bathing suit while taking a swim in the tropics. She shared the image to her Instagram Stories. How does the singer approach health and wellness? Celebwell rounded up her go-to lifestyle habits. 


Intense Workout Sessions


Cabello works out with trainer Jenna Willis, who revealed to Shape that the two exercise together three times a week using minimal equipment. Strength, HIIT, and balance exercises, including complex movements that target the whole body, are part of her routine. Exercises include bird dogs to fire hydrants, squat hops, high plank shoulder taps, and glute bridges with dumbbell pullovers, in addition to bodyweight squats and crunches.


Dancing Through Her Workouts


According to her trainer, Cabello manages to infuse dance moves into her workouts. "We end up getting in an added ab workout because of how much we end up laughing," Willis told Shape. "Somehow she manages to keep me on my toes and turn every cardio move into an incredible-looking dance move."


A Veggie-Filled Diet

Camila maintains that her ex, Shawn Mendes, "influenced" her to be healthier. "I was not healthy at all before. I never ate vegetables before. Just like, easy vegetables like cucumbers or cold carrots with cesar. Which I wouldn't say are hard vegetables," she told BBC Radio. 




Camila believes that taking care of your mental health is just as important as physical. "Meditation has changed my life in the last few months," she wrote on Instagram. "I didn't share this with you guys at the time because honestly I was just trying to be okay, but I was experiencing severe anxiety. it was meditation- it was practicing every single day multiple times a day that has been healing me, and, more than just helping me manage strong emotions like anxiety and stress, it's making me a better human. not only does it help in times like this with stress and anxiety, meditation is the practice of strengthening habits like empathy, love, and compassion- making you feel more connected to not only everybody around you , but living beings in general like animals, plants, and the earth, which is a living being, itself."



Despite her busy career Camila's lifestyle is very busy and she's constantly on the move. One of her go-to activities? Hiking. According to the National Parks Service, the physical benefits of hiking include:

  • Building stronger muscles and bones
  • Improving your sense of balance
  • Improving your heart health
  • Decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems



Camila Cabello/Instagram

Camila is also a fan of standup paddle boarding. "Nothin to do nowhere to be," she captioned a recent photo of herself standup paddleboarding. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) agrees that paddle boarding is great for the core and also a great form of cardio. 

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