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Camila Mendes Shares Swimsuit Photo "Lost at Sea"

Here’s her take on life.

Camila Mendes recently shared a swimsuit photo with the caption "Lost at Sea," radiating a healthy glow. Her dedication to well-being is evident, reflecting the hard work she puts into maintaining her health and vitality. Through consistent hard work and commitment, she exemplifies the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Mendes's candid display of self-assuredness and vitality in the photo resonates as an inspiration for her followers, highlighting the importance of both physical and mental wellness in achieving a radiant outlook.


She Has Had Body Image Issues


"One time I met a fan on an airplane," she told InStyle. "I think we were both coming back from Brasília, which is where my parents are from in Brazil. She and I were both headed back to LA and she came up to me when I was in line to get on the flight and then we found out that we were sitting next to each other and we ended up talking for the entire, I dunno, eight hour flight. I can't remember how long it was, but she and I talked about how we both had body image issues and how she also struggled with an eating disorder and how I helped her accept herself and she expressed her appreciation for the things I've spoken about and shared her story and it was really emotional and she's still a friend that I keep in touch with sometimes."


She Uses Skin Masks

Mendes uses Loop skin masks. "I use them all the time. For me, I am somebody who's always struggled to find masks that fit on my face with loops. It actually just sticks on your face so well, and you can do laundry and talk on the phone and I don't know, you can do cartwheels if you want. You can literally do anything while wearing a Loops mask. And on top of that, it's really good skincare and the way that we weave it into a sort of daily skincare routine just makes it really convenient to use and very effective," she told InStyle.


Speak Up For Yourself


In Hollywood, she has learned "that nobody's going to look after you except yourself and you got to look out for yourself. You got to stand up for yourself and if you have a problem, speak up. Just do it respectfully and with grace. That's it," she told InStyle.


She Remembers Her Riverdale Audition


For her Riverdale audition, "I was the very last person they were seeing and I managed to squeeze in an audition and I got there 30 minutes late. My hair was frizzy. It was raining that day. I remember the casting director telling me, she's like, 'You're a little matte right now. At CW, we're glossy.' It's glossy lips. Cheeks are glowing. She's like, so come back a few days from now. Then they brought me back for a producer audition," she told Stephen Colbert. Her friend did her makeup to make her look "glowy, like she just came out of the womb."


She Does Pilates

Pilates offers numerous health benefits tailored to women's well-being. This low-impact exercise enhances core strength, promoting better posture and reducing back pain common in females. By focusing on controlled movements and breathing, Pilates cultivates flexibility, aiding in muscle tone without bulk. Women also benefit from improved joint mobility and balance, which becomes increasingly important with age. Stress reduction is another advantage, as Pilates encourages mindfulness and relaxation. Whether aiming to regain pre-pregnancy fitness or boost overall vitality, women find Pilates a versatile solution, enhancing physical resilience and mental equilibrium simultaneously.

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