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Camille Fishel Shares Swimsuit Photo From Italy

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Camille Fishel is heating up social media in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post, the model shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while vacationing in Italy, getting a lot of attention from her followers. Her boyfriend, billionaire Michael Rubin, and model Brooks Nader commented with a bunch of fire emojis. "Gorgeous," added another follower. How does the 32-year-old maintain her impressive physique? Celebwell rounded up her top health habits. 



When Camille is on vacation you can find her paddleboarding. "Hawaii mornings🤍 and so many more pictures to share, this place is heaven," she captioned an Instagram post. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) agrees that paddle boarding is great for the core and also a great form of cardio. The water sport can burn an average of 385 calories for a 140 pound male and 436 for a female the same size, per a study conducted by Arizona State University.



Camille enjoys hiking. "Fun hike in Malibu today and of course a cute baby pic at the end bc I can't help myself," she captioned a post. According to the National Parks Service, the physical benefits of hiking include:

  • Building stronger muscles and bones
  • Improving your sense of balance
  • Improving your heart health
  • Decreasing the risk of certain respiratory problems



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Camille snorkels. "Swipe to meet my shark friend… this started out as an innocent swim with a bunch of nurse sharks (which don't bite) and somehow we attracted a bigger reef shark (couldn't get a pic with him he was too fast) he swam with us for about 5 minutes and was GIANT but generally docile. Anyways, I'm still alive and didn't get eaten 😆 very cool experience," she wrote about a snorkeling trip. 



Another outdoor activity Camille enjoys is tennis. "Trained all week to finally whip @michaelrubin 's a$$ !!!!" she wrote from the court. According to ACE Fitness it blends together cardio and aerobic exercise, as there is a lot of running around, and hand-eye coordination. "While tennis provides numerous health benefits—improved aerobic fitness and anaerobic endurance, muscular fitness (grip strength and endurance), flexibility, multiple skill parameters (balance, speed, agility and quickness), reactivity, and power—it also is psychologically demanding," they say. 



Camille is an avid yogi. Physical benefits of yoga include:

  • "increased flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • weight reduction
  • cardio and circulatory health
  • improved athletic performance
  • protection from injury"
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