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Candice Swanepoel in Ballet Dancewear Is "Free Falling"

Candice Swanepoel is channeling her inner Black Swan.

Candice Swanepoel is channeling her inner Black Swan with a beautiful ballet-inspired workout, and sharing the pictures on her social media. Swanepoel, 35, shared pictures of herself striking dance poses in black dancewear, her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders. "Free falling 🖤 🦢," she captioned the post. Here's how mother-of-two Swanepoel takes care of her fitness, and what her model diet looks like.


Mixing Up Her Workouts

Swanepoel loves mixing up her workouts. "I like to change it up, I do yoga, swimming, boxing and I have just started paddle boarding but I think that Pilates is my favorite," she told Vogue France. "When I am in New York, I do an hour of resistance training with Justin Gelband, who has been my trainer for 9 years. I think that yoga has taught me breathing techniques, I take deep slow breaths."


Nuts and Croissants


Swanepoel enjoys a balanced diet with plenty of nuts and fruit. "I drink a lot of smoothies mixing oils, collagen powder and antioxidant fruits which is great for my skin and I have a very balanced diet," she told Vogue France. "I love a croissant, especially in Paris, all the bread and patisseries are so delicious! When I travel, I always have different nuts on me, especially Brazil nuts and almonds, which are great for your hair and nails. Otherwise I have protein bars or fruit."


Laser Facials


Swanepoel has dabbled in skincare procedures, but believes there is no replacement for healthy lifestyle habits. "I've tried a couple of things," she told U Beauty. "There is no miracle procedure, in my opinion, but I do find laser procedures to be preventative and help the skin from aging. I have oily skin, so I need to do extraction facials occasionally and am a firm believer in exfoliating and trying your best to stay out of the sun–something that is very hard for me to do."


70s Babe

Swanepoel loves the 70s when it comes to fashion and style. "Most of my style inspiration comes from the '70s and the '80s," she told Into the Gloss. "There's this Instagram account called '70s Babes that I love to reference and repost on my own account. All of my jeans are high waisted because I think they make me look like Farrah Fawcett—I'll try to feather my hair, too. But I also love the big curls of the '80s. My mom was an aerobics teacher back then and she permed her hair and wore these huge earrings and high-cut thong leotards. She had the best style."


Resting and Resetting

Swanepoel jokes that she disappears from society when needs to reset. "[I] avoid eating out and drinking alcohol and make sure I'm going to sleep early and exercising," she told U Beauty. "Rest is extremely important for me to have the energy to do the things that help me reset."


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