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Candice Swanepoel Shares Swimsuit Video Looking "Seductive"

Here are the supermodel’s top health habits.

Candice Swanepoel is modeling the latest collection from her swimsuit line. In a new Instagram Reel, the stunning supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel shows off her amazing body in one of her latest Tropic of C bathing suits. Indulge in the Seductive allure that is Blue velvet," she captioned the social media clip, driving her followers wild. "Love this gorgeous angel," one of them commented. "Beautiful," added another. How does the 35-year-old approach health and fitness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits.  


Beauty Smoothies

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Candice told The Cut that one of her diet secrets is a nutrient-filled beverage. "I do a nice beauty smoothie," she revealed. "It contains coconut oil, flaxseed oil, banana, protein, some kind of antioxidant fruit like blueberries or strawberries, or some nut butter. I discovered it from doing research; I like to be on beauty blogs. I've always loved nutrition and because I've worked out for so many years, I've figured out what's best for my body and keeping my energy up. It's evolved from that."


A Balanced Approach to Wellness


Candice maintains that "being happy and healthy" is how she approaches wellness. "I don't like restrict myself from certain foods that I want, or kill myself at the gym. It's really what's comfortable for my body at the time and what's best at that moment," she told The Cut. 



Candice revealed to The Cut that she has always been "in tune" with her body via dancing. "I started dancing when I was really young, and it just gives you a different sense of your body." 


A Fast Metabolism

Candice was blessed with good genes. "I've been lucky — I was born with quite a fast metabolism," she confessed. "I'm that girl who orders the healthy plate with a side of fries. Your body is like a machine and everyone's is different. I know mine quite well."



Candice is a yogi. "I think that yoga has taught me breathing techniques," she told Vogue France. "I take deep slow breaths." She added to The Cut that she has even created her own technique. "I've been doing my own kind of yoga. It's not traditional yoga, but I put on some music and mix in some Pilates and squat resistance stuff I've learned over the years. It's calm: I can meditate through it and get some flow with some music. It's a little ritual for me. I do it every time I feel overwhelmed and stressed — I try at least twice a week."



Candice does an hour of resistance training almost daily with Justin Gelband when she is in New York, but she doesn't stop with that. "I like to change it up, I do yoga, swimming, boxing and I have just started paddle boarding but I think that Pilates is my favorite," she told Vogue France.  


Healthy Snacks

Candice travels with nuts, "especially Brazil nuts and almonds, which are great for your hair and nails," she told Vogue France. "Otherwise I have protein bars or fruit, I think I have a banana in my bag right now."

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