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How You Can Get Fit Like Carrie Underwood, According to Her Trainer 

In an exclusive interview with Celebwell, Eve Overland spills Carrie Underwood's diet and fitness secrets. 

Carrie Underwood, 40, is almost as famous for her commitment to fitness (have you seen her beautifully sculpted legs?) as she is for her Grammy award-winning singing voice. The mother of two looks phenomenal and has been working with trainer Eve Overland for the last 13 years who has helped the country artist's health journey evolve to near perfection. "Carrie is an amazing client to work with," Overland tells us. "She has an incredible work ethic and puts 100 percent effort into everything she does, in and out of the gym. Her dedication to health and fitness inspires so many, including myself." 

The singer's perspective on wellness has changed a lot over the years and has even launched a fitness app with Overland. "Fit52 was born out of a fitness routine that I've done with her for years," she explains. "Seeing how we were able to achieve results, regardless if we were on the road, in a gym, or even virtual, and knowing how much fun we both had while working out, we wanted to make this lifestyle available to more people," Overland says. "So, we created fit52 and have been amazed that now over 500,000 people have used fit52 to develop healthy habits." Underwood is now gearing up to perform for the 11th consecutive year for Sunday Night Football and Overland exclusively shares with Celebwell how her "dream client" prepared to get ready for the big event and gives details on how the singer stays in such amazing shape. 


She's Goal-Orientated

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Underwood has an unwavering commitment to fitness and her trainer explains it's part of her "self-care." According to Overland, "For Carrie, working out is self-care and her 'me' time. She is the dream client you can rely on, don't have to chase, or worry about her canceling/skipping a scheduled session." She adds, "I think one of the biggest things that makes her a great client is that she looks forward to working out and genuinely enjoys the process. She is goal-oriented and always up for a challenge. She pushes herself to grow and get stronger so she can continue to do what she loves to do for as long as possible. She and I have that in common. When you have two people that really enjoy the physical aspect of working out it becomes a lot of fun and takes the "work" out of working out."


How Her Journey Has Evolved

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Underwood didn't always have a healthy outlook on fitness and worked out to be a certain size instead of exercising to have longevity, but has since changed her mindset. "True growth happens with you come to the realization that you must do what is right for you and your body. You can't compare yourself to others," Overland tells us. "I think the biggest shift in mindset for Carrie is we are now playing the 'long game.' Working out "smarter" and not necessarily "harder". Don't get me wrong, Carrie's workouts are still incredibly advanced, she is a machine." Overland says, "Now, training and nutrition isn't just about looking a certain way or fitting into "x" size. It is about true health, wellness, and longevity. And this includes things like sleep, digestion, skin health, mood, and relationships. Staying active and mobile so we can do what we love to do for as long as possible. To show up as the favorite version of yourself for yourself and your loved ones. (And for Carrie, sharing her incredible gift to all her fans)."


Consistency is Key

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The one thing that's really helped Underwood succeed fitness-wise is not giving up. "I think the biggest factor that has helped Carrie reach her fitness goals is simply…consistency," Overland says. "She has been working out regularly for decades. Like the rest of your body, your muscles mature and continue to grow in strength, size, and fullness. It is her years of practice, showing up, doing the work, and really embracing fitness as a lifestyle that has contributed to her incredible physique as well as reaching her goals of strength and power." She continues, "In addition to her commitment to the workouts, prioritizing weightlifting and strength training has been a big game-changer for her overall physique. She is no stranger to picking up heavy things…and her body responds readily (with the appropriate dosage of course.)"


How She Preps for a Big Event Like Sunday Night Football


Although she often performs in front of large crowds, Underwood doesn't go overboard with her workouts when she's scheduled for an event like Sunday Night Football. "I like to say Carrie is always 'one foot in one foot out,' because of her healthy lifestyle and commitment to fitness, she really doesn't have to deviate far from her normal workout routine or overhaul her diet for any event," Overland shares. "We don't have to prep months in advance, spend hours in the gym, or go on some crazy juice cleanse.  She is dialed in and understands her body so well, she knows exactly what small tweaks she may need to make, physically and nutritionally, so she feels and performs her best."


How She Tones Her Lower-Body

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Underwood has amazingly toned legs and her lower-body workout is no joke. "When it comes to leg exercises, we stick to the basics, because they work," Overland says. "We focus on compound lifts that not only help to increase strength and muscle building/shaping but are also functional. They have the most carryover to everyday life. For example, squats, lunges, and deadlifts will always be the cornerstone of Carrie's leg routine." She adds, "We do have a leg press machine in our workout gym trailer that we use frequently. It is a great option to really add load and focus on leg strength. We also have a cable machine and plenty of bands for more isolation exercises/detailed work. Think glute kickbacks and hamstring curls."


How She Gets a Lean Upper-Body

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Underwood is toned from head to toe and has an incredible upper body. "Carrie is known for her amazing legs, but she has some serious arms too," Overland states. "As mentioned, Carrie loves a challenge. She can rep out strict pull-ups, which takes incredible strength and is incredibly impressive." Her trainer reveals, "Much like the leg exercises, we focus on the basic push/pull exercises of the upper body as well; shoulder press, chest press, lat pulldowns, and rows. And of course, we never forget what we jokingly call the "vanity muscles". (The ones you want to look great when wearing a tank top). Medial deltoids, biceps, and triceps."

For anyone interested in the fit52 app, search the App Store or Google Play for fit52 and download and try it for yourself. "For a special 30 days free, use my special link," Overland says. 

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