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Cat Deeley In Workout Gear Has "Sporty Afternoon" Playing Tennis

Here’s what her fitness routine looks like.

So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley knows the best way to stay active is to make it as fun as possible—especially if friends are involved. Deeley, 47, shared a video of herself wearing cream joggers and a black tank top, playing tennis in the sunshine. "Sport afternoon with the boys," reads the text over her Instagram story. Deeley has been a familiar face on TV on both sides of the pond—here's what her unique and refreshing approach to wellness looks like.


She Loves Yoga

Yoga is Deeley's favorite form of exercise. "If I do a heavy workout, I feel terrible for about two days and can't walk up and down stairs!" she told Harper's Bazaar. "Yoga really works for me because you have to concentrate on your breathing and your movement at the same time, so it stops my brain from going a million miles an hour. I use this amazing website called Yogaglo, which means I can do it whenever and wherever. I bookmark certain classes – like one that's half an hour, one that's 45 minutes, and one that's an hour, and I just slot it in."


Beauty Philosophy

Deeley has learned what works for her, beauty wise, over the years. "My attitude to my appearance is to make the best of what I have," she tells Good Housekeeping. "I'm at a point in my life where I know what works for me; I know what looks good. Sometimes it's incredibly boring and I just want to change my hair or change my style, but I know what actually suits me now. On a practical basis, too – it doesn't work for me to spend every day blow-drying my hair or ironing a fringe."


Mediterranean Diet

Deeley follows a mostly Mediterranean-style. "I like a little bit of everything – predominantly fruits and vegetables and a bit of protein – but I love French bread, red wine and a coffee," she told Harper's Bazaar. "Like fitness, diet is about finding what works for you, and that way you can do it on a regular basis. If you listen to everything on food, it's like, 'well now you can't eat potatoes', and 'have you heard about eggs?', 'don't have dairy' – and then you look at what's actually in some oat milks and that's not good! "I think you need to listen to your body. Pay attention and see what makes your skin better, see what makes you feel better, see what gives you a better night's sleep…"


Cryo and Sauna Sessions


Deeley has specific wellness treatments she swears by. "At the moment I'm loving an infrared sauna," she told Harper's Bazaar. "It feels as though it detoxes your system, but it also soothes any aches and pains that you've got. Quite often I'll do cryotherapy after that. I can't do cold water swimming or ice baths – but I love cryo."


Embracing Aging

Cat Deeley/Instagram

Deeley knows that aging happily is a privilege. "We're moving on from the notion of anti-ageing," she tells Good Housekeeping. "Getting older is, after all, a complete privilege – the fact that you're here and enjoying life – gaining experiences while being happy and healthy. Wow. That, to me, is amazing."

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