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Catherine Fulop Poses in Bikini. Here's How She Stays Fit.

She can do 200 crunches a day.

Venezuelan actress and model Catherine Fulop is looking back on a fun-filled vacation in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Fulop, 58, shared pictures of herself posing on the beach in a black bikini, soaking up the sunshine and gorgeous weather. "Some postcards from my trip to Punta Cana!" she captioned the post. "This is the most beautiful woman in the world… I've always thought so," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Fulop stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Overall Wellness

Fulop believes in a balanced lifestyle to look and feel good. "There is no magic formula to feel good," she says. "One has to enjoy the beautiful moments, treat oneself and in turn compensate it with the physical activity that one likes the most. The key is to achieve comprehensive wellness. I eat a fairly healthy diet, where I prioritize eating vegetables, fruits and proteins. I don't follow any type of strict regime but I try to eat a variety, with legumes, sprouts and seeds."


Intermittent Fasting


Fulop practices intermittent fasting, finding it particularly beneficial as she gets older. "Take a moment to think about your eating habits," says Melinda Gong, RD, CDCES, CSOWM. If you notice that you tend to snack a lot at night, intermittent fasting could give you a cut-off time and help you eat less. If you notice your last meal of the day is late in the evening, maybe you can eat earlier to allow your body to start fasting at that time."


200 Crunches a Day

Fulop trains hard six days a week. "I train six times a week: two days I do it alone with exercises prepared for me by my online staff, Vero, and the other 4 days I do it with my other personal trainer, Beto, who gives me a routine lasting 50 minutes," she says. "I work the entire upper, middle and lower body. Above all, I work my legs. And I do a lot of crunches, I can do 200 a day. In all the routines I exercise the abdominals. Mainly my training is high intensity HIIT and includes strength because what we are looking for is that the muscle is sustained."


Good Habits

Fulop relies on good habits over discipline to stay happy and in shape. "Everything we do repeatedly is what will cause effects," she says. "That's why, when they ask me how I take care of myself, I always answer that it's not about just one thing! There is not much secret. Focus on your habits, your training, your diet, your rest and consult your doctor so that he can guide you and add a supplement if you need it or you think it can enhance your training."


Lots of Water and Aerobics

Fulop stays hydrated and does plenty of cardio. "I drink more than two liters of water a day, I do antioxidant treatments by eating some vitamin pills, but the most important thing is the 55 minutes of aerobics, localized and spinning, accompanied by a completely organic diet," she says. "Because I don't eat any fat or bread. Also, on an empty stomach I have a glass of squeezed lemon, without sugar or sweetener."

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