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Celebrity Trainer Lita Lewis in Workout Clothes Lifts Weights in Her Yard

Here are her health and fitness tips.

Celebrity trainer Lita Lewis knows how challenging it can be to get back into a good fitness routine after having kids. Lewis shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a matching sports bra, lifting weights in her yard. "My husband is notorious for always saying 'there's no such thing as a bad day, these days are simply character building days' and today I reflect back on the year I've had and lean on these wise words. For sure, I fail more than I actually succeed, and that's okay. It's been a highly blessed year but also the most challenging year of my life thus far. As I struggle through discovering my new identity I'm also empowered by my new reasons," she captioned the post. Here's how Lewis lives her best—and fittest—life.



Intermittent Fasting


Lewis practices intermittent fasting, allowing herself to eat between noon and 8pm for the most part.  "I typically don't like to adopt a change unless I can sustain it," she wrote in an Instagram post. I'm always looking for something that can become second nature and IF has become just that… On the weekends I'm lenient but do my best to keep the window 8-10 hours, otherwise Monday to Friday I'm on point."


Plant-Based Diet

Lewis follows a mostly plant-based diet. "My diet has become 80 percent vegan," she said in an Instagram post. "I cut all dairy & recently eliminated eggs. Breakfast is at 12; oatmeal, toast with avocado/jelly. Piece of fruit, Bulletproof coffee/herbal tea. At 2-3pm lentil curry w/spinach, mushrooms potatoes. Sometimes cookies or potato chips and cilantro dip! At 5 pm I eat dinner; sometimes I'll cook salmon or veggie burgers, with a big spinach/arugula salad or 2 cups of veggies."


Fasted Cardio and Lifting

Lewis works out five days a week, aside from working with clients. "I do 60 mins of fasted cardio and 30 mins of circuit training that typically consists of light weights and plyometrics in the AM, before noon, 5 days per week," she wrote in an Instagram post. "I lift mid afternoon before I train clients! 1 hour of isolated training; each day I focus on one specific muscle group. I lift 4-5 days a week."


Lifting Day Diet


Lewis switches up her diet depending on what her workouts look like. "On lifting days I'll eat more carbs, either rice or mashed potato," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Before 8pm I'll snack; dairy free yogurt, mixed nuts, larabars, perfect bars, fresh berries or make a protein shake using coconut milk. Intermittent Fasting has been good to me. What I love about it the most is the flexibility I have without feeling guilty about eating whatever I want! It has also helped me eliminate unnecessary snacking throughout the day AND night!"


Steady Weight

Lewis says her weight has plateaued and she couldn't be happier about it, as she has a physique that makes her feel strong and happy. "I've pretty much plateaued but that's cool with me," she captioned an Instagram post. "I'm maintaining a weight I'm comfortable with that also allows me to move and train the way I want to."

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