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Chanel West Coast Shares Swimsuit Photo Posing With Pal

Here are her top lifestyle habits. 

Chanel West Coast is heating up the beach in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the star of MTV's Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness shows off her amazing body modeling a bathing suit from her Coasty Swim bathing suit collection with one of her pals. How does the reality star approach health and wellness? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Exercising So She Can Eat Whatever She Wants

Chanel would rather workout more so she can eat whatever she wants than diet. "You need to work out! I mean a lot of people like to start themselves on cute diets but the truth is you can really eat whatever you want as long as you workout on a daily basis," she told HollywoodLife. "I try to eat healthy but since I work out I still enjoy a large pizza by myself! But In & Out burgers and all those things, you can have those as long as you workout."


Focusing on "Problem Areas"


Chanel designs her workouts on specific areas of her body that need work. One of them? Her arms "That is a big problem area for me," she said in a YouTube video before executing a minute of push-ups using floor hooks, squats with a cross punch with dumbbells, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell iron crosses. 


At-Home Workouts


Chanel enjoys working out at home. "Well I have a trainer," she told Flaunt. "During the pandemic, I got really into working out on my own. Figuring out all of my own workouts. I have a mini Barbie looking gym in my garage, it's really cute. The cuter the gym is, the cuter your workout clothes are, you get more 'oh, I'm trying to look cute and do this.' I know a lot of good home workouts, I posted a couple of workout videos on my YouTube."


Three Workouts Per Week

How many times a week does Chanel hit the gym? "As much as I can," she told Flaunt. "I film a lot so on average, I workout 3 days a week. That's a good amount to stay in shape. If I wanted to be a real fitness person and get really into it, I'd work out every single day. But I don't have the time for that."




Chanel gets her zen on. "At some point during the pandemic, I might've been going crazy. It was all the time I spent at home, people sending me conspiracy stuff. People made me feel like I was going insane," she told Flaunt. "Meditation has changed my life honestly," she said. "Meditation is key. Everyone needs to meditate, set aside time to mentally decompress." "When you meditate, you may clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress," says the Mayo Clinic.



Chanel also does a lot of cardio. "I wouldn't say any workout is bad or I hate it but for women focus on your cardio, because if you do too much weights and you are a woman then you are going to bulk up a little bit you know," she told HollywoodLife. 

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