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Charli D'Amelio Shares Swimsuit Photo Feeling "Moody"

Her authenticity shines bright.

In a world where authenticity shines bright, Charli D'Amelio stands as a beacon of genuine expression. Beyond the confines of viral dance videos, she shares glimpses of her multifaceted self. From embarking on a new chapter filled with friendships and adventures to her eclectic music taste and unique signature scent, Charli's evolution is a testament to her unapologetic individuality. With her tattoos telling hidden stories and her aspirations hinting at exciting endeavors, she remains committed to staying true to her passions and identity. Join us as we delve into the layers of Charli D'Amelio, inspired by a new series of photos she shared—captioned "moody"—including one of her in a bikini top.


"A New Chapter"

Charli has reflected on her evolving journey, stating, "I think for me, it's been really nice to just find a new group of people and friends that I get to go and hang out with new experiences. Yeah, it's kind of a new chapter of my life where I get to focus on work, friends, and family and just having a lot of fun." 


She Has Eclectic Tastes

When asked about their radio choices while driving around LA, Charli told a Grammy's interview, "Oh my goodness. I feel like we switch it up quite often." Despite not having their licenses yet, she and her sister enjoy a diverse range of music. Charli shares, "I like to listen to a lot of sad contemporary dance music as well as rap and pop, whatever's popular. A lot of my friends' music I listen to because I've got some talented friends. I'm very lucky." Her eclectic taste reflects her openness to various musical styles and her admiration for the creativity of her peers.


She Has a Signature Scent

Discussing the individuality of her fragrance, Born Dreamer, Charli explains, "Yeah. I think for me, I now have a signature smell, but the way it smells on me is different than it smells on my best friend, and I feel like that adds its own little uniqueness and individuality to the fragrance, but also to each, and I really love that about it," she told Entertainment Tonight. This uniqueness highlights her personal connection with the scent.


Expressing Identity Through Tattoos

Charli D'Amelio / Instagram

When asked about her tattoos, Charli reveals, "No, I had think three before I turned 18, and then I got a few more. I think now I have 14," she told ET. With her tattoos often holding special meanings, she discusses how they're a personal expression of her identity, even though many are discreetly placed and hold significance known only to her.


Future Endeavors and Authenticity

When asked about potential expansions, Charli shares, "I would love to do more with that, and there's been some stuff going on behind the scenes, but I would love to be able to expand this into making all of the things that I love," she told ET. Her desire to continue her creative ventures while staying true to herself underscores her commitment to authenticity in all aspects of her work.

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