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Cheryl Tweedy In Workout Clothes Rehearses For Girls Aloud Tour

“We can’t wait to see you all.”

Cheryl Tweedy and her fellow Girls Aloud members are clearly ready for the kick off of their UK/Ireland tour in Dublin next month. Tweedy, 40, shared a video reel of herself, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh, and Nicola Roberts rehearsing their dance moves, with Tweedy wearing green leggings and a pink sweatshirt for their practice. "We've had the time of our lives throughout tour rehearsals ❤️ We have the BEST team and most INCREDIBLE dancers and we're SO excited to bring you #TheGirlsAloudShow later this week 📣 Let us know which show you're coming to at the link in stories and tag who's coming with you! 💃 We can't wait to see you all 🎤," reads the caption on the post. Here's how Tweedy stays fit, happy, and healthy.


Yoga and Pilates


Tweedy enjoys low-impact workouts. "I like yoga," she told Marie Claire. "I like Bikram, and I like it to be hot as I feel like my heart's pounding and I've done something. You feel like you've been stretched from head-to-toe. There are millions of different types of yoga. I also love Pilates – I haven't been doing any the jumping around stuff, put it that way."


Self-Care and Balance

Tweedy's idea of health and wellness is all about feeling happy and peaceful. "Having a good circle of positive people around you, doing a form of exercise you love to help with body and mind (for me, that is yoga, dancing or at-home workouts), self-care and finding balance in your daily life," she told IMAGE.


Coffee For Breakfast

Tweedy frequently fasts until 11 a.m. "I'm not obsessed with breakfast," she told Marie Claire. "I do do breakfast, but not every morning. I can have a coffee and be fine until 11am. I'm fine, unless I really fancy something to eat, it just doesn't even come into my awareness. I know people say it's the most important meal of the day, but it's just not in my life."


Bath Routine


Tweedy loves to wind down with a bath at night. "I change it up with different oils and serums depending on what my skin feels it needs," she told IMAGE. "I always cleanse and try to exfoliate twice a week. I recently discovered AlumierMD products, and they're my favourites at the moment – I use the AluminEye cream."


Meditation Sessions

Tweedy values the benefits of meditation. "When I was first meditating, I used guided meditations, like Insight Timer and the Calm app," she told Marie Claire. "But now I do know what I'm doing, I can just go mindless. I used to be that person that was like, you think I could meditate? I would hear what people were saying, but I never understood. You just need to really get into it. It depends where you are in your life – some people are just not there in their lives, or aren't ready for it, or don't feel like they can, and that's fine as well."

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