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Chicago P.D. Star Tracy Spiridakos Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying Happy Birthday

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Chicago P.D. star Tracy Spiridakos is clearly very close to her co-stars, judging by her social media posts. Spiridakos, 35, wished Marina Squerciati a very happy birthday earlier in the year, posting a picture of the two friends wearing swimsuits and posing together with the ocean in the background. The women also had sun hats and bandanas to finish off their beachy looks. "My FAVE LADIES! You two deserve so many awards!  As well as the show," a fan commented. Here's how Spiridakos stays fit, happy, and healthy.


She Loves Chicago


Spiridakos genuinely loves her lifestyle in Chicago. "I think my favorite thing about the city, aside from the food, that would be on the top of my list, is the people," she says. "Everyone that's here; I just really loved all of the locals, and everyone's very proud of their city, proud to be from Chicago. Throughout the whole city, everyone that I've met is like that and it's really cool, I mean it's a really, really great city, and one of my favorite cities that I've gotten to work in the United States actually."


Self-Care and Gaming

Spiridakos likes to unwind with her Playstation 4. "I read a lot, and I'm really into this science website called Wondrium—it's very interesting," she says. "I also play a lot of video games. I'm playing Horizon right now—the new one, it's very good. That has been my quarantine companion aside from my dog, who has been wonderful as well. She's looking at me right now, so how could I not mention her? During hiatus, I also try to travel as much as I possibly can. I love exploring new places, as well as visiting family back in Greece and Canada. I also try to get near the ocean for as long as possible to unwind."


Learning From the Role

Arnold Jerocki/WireImage

Spiridakos has learned a lot by playing a cop. "It's been interesting," she says. "We have an incredible tech supervisor who talks to us about things we could be thinking about going into an interview, or approaching a situation tactically going in to clear a room. You're looking around a corner for this or that. He'll talk about going into the headspace of what you want to see. There are tells that you can look for. It's all really interesting to learn. He's been a great and valuable asset for me to get into that. I learn different things every day.


Stunt Days

Arnold Jerocki/WireImage

Spiridakos loves the physical aspects of the job. "I love stunt days!" she says. "Keeping in shape is tough because of our schedule, but whenever I have time, I get some training in there. Jeff (our stunt coordinator) is fantastic, he knows how to make us all look lethal when we're truly just a group of goofballs. Part of his job is to keep us safe, and part of my job is to scare him with my clumsiness, so…you know, fun fun for the whole family!"


Positive Attitude

Spiridakos has learned to see the silver lining when it comes to rejection.  "I just really believe that you just can't let [rejection] get to you," she says. "I mean, sometimes it does, and I'll have moments where I'll be deflated, and I let myself feel that and I'm OK if I'm bummed out by it, and then you just try to move onto the next. I think of auditions as an opportunity to try out that character and try to distance myself from if I'm gonna book it or not. Think of the audition as an opportunity to play as opposed to an opportunity to book a job. And if the job happens, that much better. I also would always have a backup travel plan, so I'm like, 'OK, if this ends up working out, great, then I can go do that. And if it doesn't, then maybe I can go visit my family in Canada.' That way, I always have something to look forward to."

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