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Chrishell Stause in Two-Piece Workout Gear Does Squats

Chrishell Stause works hard at staying healthy and slim. Here's what to know about her regime.

Chrishell Stause gets cheeky in a new Instagram video where she backs up to the camera, does a squat, and then turns around to face fans laughing and dancing. The Selling Sunset star, who wore a nude-colored sports bra and purple shorts, showed off her svelte figure while having fun with a friend in the video. The two pick each other up, pretend to box, and kick their leg at the camera in the post captioned "Fitness..?" While this might not have been a full-on serious workout, the actress does hit the gym often and looks amazing. Here's how Stause stays in such great shape. 


She Starts Her Day With a Healthy Breakfast

Stause starts her day off with coffee and a nutritional meal. "What I love for breakfast is eggs," she told Women's Health. "My favorite thing is scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese and pepper."


She Loves Protein Bars

When she has a busy schedule and doesn't have time for breakfast, her go-to is a protein bar. "When I'm busy, I normally either grab a banana and peanut butter or a protein bar," she told the outlet. "I'm obsessed with peanut butter."


She Loads Up on Veggies


The 42-year-old likes grabbing food at a trendy Los Angeles grocery store for lunch. "I go to Erewhon a lot and they have this buffalo cauliflower that I'm obsessed with," she said. "Broccoli, carrots, and corn are her other top veggies."


She Eats Fish


The Dancing with the Stars alum typically sticks to a pescatarian or vegetarian diet and said, "If I'm not in a rush and I can go and eat like a normal human, I go out to dinner. She added, "Again, I love fish. I also love sushi and pizza."


She Loves Pasta


If Stause is having a busy day, she has a dinner plan in place, which usually consists of a frozen lasagna. Her favorite is a Cali-flour Foods Vegetable Lasagna, which is grain-free, gluten-free, and ready in five minutes. But she admitted she loves pasta in general. "I haven't really met a pasta that I don't like, but I guess my favorite would probably be bucatini with cracked pepper and Parmesan cheese."


She Doesn't Avoid Dessert

Stause has a well-balanced diet and doesn't restrict what she eats. "I have such a sweet tooth," she told Women's Health. "I love dessert. If I'm out to dinner, I pretty much always get dessert," she says. "There are two things I will always order: strawberry shortcake and pineapple upside-down cake. I know, super random, but every once in a while you strike gold and someone will have it on their menu." 


She Does HIIT

In addition to eating healthy, Stause works out with Ocho, an athlete and founder of Power 8 LA. He works with the star often and told Women's Health, "A week of workouts for Chrishell can vary." He explained, "Her schedule is very hectic, so we get in what we can, and HIIT training is one of the most efficient ways she can build muscle and burn fat at the same time."

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