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Christina Aguilera in Sheer Body Outfit is "Weekend Ready"

Aguilera shared a reel on Instagram of herself modeling for the shoot this week.

Christina Aguilera is appearing in a campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. And she looks incredible in it. Aguilera shared a reel on Instagram of herself modeling for the shoot this week. She wore a sheer outfit, showing off her figure. Aguilera captioned the post, "Weekend ready." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Christina Aguilera stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Doesn't Stress About Fitness


Aguilera shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Marie Claire. In it, she shared her approach to choosing workouts. "I like to do things that make me feel good mentally when I work out. I don't like to feel isolated or secluded. If I'm in front of a mirror doing weights, I feel like I'm in rehearsal and it's work. I like to get out of my head."


She Does Outdoor Yoga


Aguilera tells Marie Claire that she loves doing outdoor yoga. "I love fresh air, so I prefer hikes when I can get into nature. I love doing yoga outside. Yoga was a big game changer. My life has always been very fast paced and on the go, so yoga really allowed me to stop the clock and slow down mentally. It lets me breathe into my body, stretch, and get into stagnant energy."


She Moisturizes Her Skin

Aguilera has amazing skin and she makes sure to take care of it. She tells Marie Claire that she makes sure to keep her skin moisturized. "Sometimes I wash my face the first thing in the morning, sometimes I do not. But moisture is going on no matter what. My skin tends to naturally lean to the drier side—always has. And so depending on what climates I'm traveling to, or how many planes I'm on, it can be crazy dry."


She Takes Relaxing Baths

Despite her busy schedule, Aguilera makes time to unwind. She shared with Marie Claire that she likes to take baths with oils to relax. "I live for my epsom salts and my baths. I have so many different scents that I carry with me–everyone makes fun of me. I'll go for rose for calming and lavender for sleep to moisturizing coconut to heavy duty menthol. If I'm congested, I'll reach for eucalyptus—I'm across the board. I need them in my life; I'm obsessed with them. I also like different scented oils. They're mentally refreshing. I'll do little spritzes of rose oil."


She Switches Up Her Skincare

Aguilera is all about versatility when it comes to her skincare, and she explained why in an interview with Vanity Fair. "Beauty regimens can change according to how your skin is reacting to environment, stress, travel, and more. So I listen to what my skin is telling me. I don't like to do too much. Who has the time for a zillion steps!"


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