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Christina Hall Shows Off Fit Figure on "Weekend Getaway"

Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 

Christina Hall is celebrating her third wedding anniversary with Josh Hall – in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the reality star shows off her fit figure while enjoying a beach vacay with her love. "Weekend getaways to Cabo with you are my favorite. ❤️(love how it worked out & we traded couple pics on the beach with a professional photographer," she captioned the Instagram snap. "This picture needs to be framed!" one of her followers commented. "Happy looks good on you, sister!" added another. How does the 40-year-old approach diet and fitness? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 



Christina Hall/Instagram

Christina told People that exercise is part of her self-care routine, as it benefits her body and mind. "Exercise is my stress reliever," she said. Each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of muscle-strengthening activity, according to the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.


3-Mile Jogs

Christina Hall/Instagram

Christina loves to run. "I usually take my French bulldog [Cash] for a three-mile jog in my neighborhood," she told Country Living. "It takes about 30 minutes — it's a great workout. It keeps me in shape and I feel like it helps clear my head for the day." According to the Mayo Clinic, running is great for cardiovascular health, muscle building, and weight loss. "For every mile run, the average person will burn approximately 100 calories," they say. This means that Christina burns around 300 calories in 30 minutes. "There is nothing like a good three-mile run for me to really clear my head and get my endorphins going," she says. 


Scheduling and Consistency

Christina Hall/Instagram

When it comes to her diet and exercise Christina tries to maintain a schedule and be consistent. "I'm a creature of habit," she told Country Living. In a recent Instagram post she reveals her Saturday morning routine. She starts with 30 minutes on her Peloton, followed by 12 minutes of red light therapy, a 20 minute sauna, and a three minute cold plunge.




"I discovered Orangetheory and I'm totally hooked!" she told People. "It combines running, which is my favorite workout, with weight training, which I never do on my own. It goes by super quickly and is always challenging. And it helped to get me in the best shape of my 30s!" Orangetheory is a type of circuit training and closely resembles HIIT workouts. There is lots of research backing up the benefits of HIIT workouts, including body fat reduction, improved cardiovascular function, and mental health. It is also time effective. 


Clean and Organic Eating

Christina Hall/Instagram

Christina tries to maintain "a very clean, organic diet," she told People, limiting things like gluten and dairy. "I eat five small meals a day that usually consist of overnight oats for breakfast, a green juice for a snack, salad with a protein for lunch, granola bar as a snack and then a healthy dinner of chicken or salmon and veggies, tacos or vegan chili. For a little dessert, I love Justin's Organic Mini Peanut Butter Cups — delish!"



Christina Hall/Instagram

Christina, who has a thyroid disorder, takes a variety of supplements. A few you will find on her shelf include selenium, a daily multivitamin, vitamin D, vitamin K, fish oil, and an adrenal supplement for a midday boost instead of coffee.

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