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Cindy Crawford Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Lake Life"

Yes, she is an ageless queen.

Cindy Crawford is taking time away from her beloved Malibu environment to enjoy the dramatic scenery of a northern lakeside environment. The 57-year-old supermodel shared pictures of herself relaxing in a wooden tub, gazing out at the beautiful scenery. Another snap showed her posing in a striped shirt with white bikini underneath. "Lake life 🛶", she captioned the post. "Welcome back to Canada 🇨🇦 ❤️," a fan commented. Crawford is still at the top of her game after decades in the industry—but how does she do it? Here are 5 ways she stays fit and beautiful.


Old-School Workouts

Crawford returns to the same workouts she has been doing for 20 years and more. "I really like the idea of yoga and jogging but old-school techniques work better for me, like those taught by my personal trainer Radu, who I created my videos with," she says. "At the moment, I have a new trainer at home three times a week who makes me do push-ups, squats, weights and steps. After giving birth to my children or more recently before my book tour, I tried to calm it down a bit. But now, I turn up the intensity with cardio and HIIT, a high-intensity training workout. I also try to go hiking in the hills and biking on weekends."


Skincare Is a Must

You don't get to Crawford's age with beautiful skin without putting the work in. "It's never too early, and never too late, to start taking care of your skin," she says. "Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh taught me the daytime is about protecting your skin and then the nighttime is about restoring it. I have learned that it's like working out. You work out once—you don't really see a big difference. But if you work out regularly for years, you do. I think skincare is the same way. So I've made taking care of my skin part of my routine."


Neck Exercises


Crawford doesn't neglect her neck. "Over 20 years ago, I saw a woman doing exercises for her neck," she says. "She explained that if you keep those muscles toned, it helps preserve the line of your jaw. You can do these exercises anywhere, but I usually do them as part of my workout. They're simple to do—just lay flat on your back with your chin pointed up, and lift your whole head about an inch off the ground. Without putting your head back down on the floor, bring your chin to your chest. I do three sets of 10 repetitions, but you can build up to that!"


Meditation At Home


Crawford and her family meditate together. "We recently did an introduction of meditation courses at home, as a family," she says. "I don't do it regularly, but it was very interesting to learn about the benefits of it on my state of mind, from a neuroscientific point of view. It's like a new tool that I have at my disposal to relax me whenever I need it. But my favorite relaxation ritual is my infra-red sauna: 30 minutes with a good book and I'm a brand new woman."


Double-Duty Beauty

Crawford is a multitasker, combining workouts with beauty treatments. "I'm a huge fan of double-duty beauty—because good things take time, and none of us have enough of it! I try to include beauty treatments into my workouts," she says. "For instance, since I know I'll be washing my hair right after I exercise, I put a pre-wash conditioner in my hair—especially on my ends. A greasy ponytail during a workout never hurt anyone. Recently, I'm obsessed with the Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze Hair Treatment. I also always buff my heels and apply healing ointments to them to take advantage of the fact that I will be wearing socks for at least an hour."

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