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Coco Gauff in Workout Gear Shares "Recap"

She is wearing a look from her own collection.

Coco Gauff is showing off her New Balance style – in her workout collection. In a new social media post the tennis star makes an appearance at the New Balance store, wearing a look from her own collection. "#CocosCourt recap 🩶," she captioned the Instagram video. How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Breakfast: Protein and Carbs

Coco makes sure to eat a balance of protein and carbohydrates for breakfast. "Today, I had eggs, potatoes, sausage, and fruit," she told Women's Health. "That's usually what [breakfast] looks like." To satisfy her sweet tooth, she will have some fruit. 


Lunch: Carbs

While lunch is "always different," she often fuels up on carbs. "I just love pasta, and I feel like it's an easy way to fuel," she told Women's Health. She also might have a rice and beasn bowl with chicken and avocado. 


Dinner: Protein and Veggies


Dinner is usually a protein, like salmon or chicken, with vegetables. While she doesn't usually eat red meat, "but every now and then" she will have a steak. She often cooks dinner with her air fryer. "I think it's the easiest thing ever, and it's pretty easy to clean."



Coco makes sure to stay hydrated. Her secret weapon is Pedialyte, an electrolyte drink that "prevents dehydration and restores fluids, electrolytes, and zinc." She has been drinking it for "a long time," she says, and she's "never had problems with cramping or dehydration." She always drinks water during competition.  



During Vogue's "24 Hours with Coco Gauff" video, she revealed she gets her zen on. "I don't like yoga, but I do it cause I know it's good for you," she says in the video. She also does stretching, ab work, tennis drills, and cardio, revealing that she works out about six days a week. "Because I work out so much, when I do have a day off, I don't want to do anything," she says. However, this is when she gets a yoga workout in. 

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