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Coronation Street Star Suranne Jones In Workout Gear Shares Sweaty Selfie

“The best things in life…”

British actress Suranne Jones is showing off her wellness warrior credentials with a rare workout selfie. The Gentleman Jack star, 45, shared a picture of herself wearing a pink hat and gray tank top, with the words "The best things in life make you sweaty" on it. "The sun, workouts…. Erm.. perimenopause???" she jokingly captioned the post. "I need this shirt," a fan commented. Jones has worked in the public eye for decades—here's how she stays fit, focused, and happy.


Strength Training

Jones focuses on strength training in her 40s. "At home, I have a good routine," she told The Telegraph. "We have a small gym, which we built in our garden in a little shed. I get up, take the dogs for a walk and walk my son to school, which is a 40-minute round trip. Then I go down to the gym and do some weights because at my age, weights are important."


Vegetarian Diet

Jones enjoys a vegetarian diet. "I'll have eggs for breakfast – an omelet – and some kind of salad or soup for lunch and maybe a homemade curry in the evening or salmon and pasta – I don't eat meat," she told The Telegraph. "When I'm working all that is harder to do. I'll usually be away for four months, working 14-hour days, including 10 hours on set. By the end, you're absolutely knackered."


Yoga and Meditation

Jones tries to meditate every day. "I've always been into alternative care, whether that be therapy, yoga, movement, mediations and self care," she told Symprove. "I've read over the years about the alignment with the gut and the mind and how the body feels. I suffer with anxiety so that is really important to me."


Gut Health



Jones is mindful of her gut health. "We've always known we don't feel well if we eat badly – now there's a language for it and doctors are talking about gut health and microbiome," she told The Telegraph. "Now we're being told to drink kefir or kombucha, all really helpful stuff, but there are times when you're working away, or you're tired and you just haven't done it. Three months ago, I started taking Symprove in the morning, a water-based formula of live bacteria."


Part of the Job

Jones struggles with confidence from time to time. "You need to be confident to enjoy yourself on a night out," she told The Guardian. "Remember that everybody isn't looking at you and what you're wearing. Even if you have a big hole in your tights, people are more interested in the conversation or themselves. I am still quite self-conscious at work events, though, where everyone actually is looking at what you're wearing and taking your picture. It can be a bit daunting, but I remind myself that it's all part of the job."

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