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Coronation Street's Lucy-Jo Hudson in Workout Gear is Back "3 Times at the Gym"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Lucy-Jo Hudson is putting in the work at the gym – and it shows. In a new social media post, the Coronation Street star flaunts her amazing body in a bathing suit while vacationing with her family. "So blessed," she captioned the poolside swimsuit snap shared via her Instagram Stories. She also shared another post, revealing the workout schedule responsible for her vacation body. How did the actress prep for her trip to paradise and what are the other lifestyle habits that help keep her in shape? Here is everything you need to know. 


Cardio and Weights

Lucy-Jo "started looking after my health more" when she was getting ready to walk down the aisle in 2009. "I started exercising too and I've sort of kept it up," she told Daily Mail in 2012. "Cardio never seemed to work with me but now I do a lot more resistance work with weights and squats and lunges. I think the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn."


Ready Made Meals

Lucy eats mainly "stodge and ready meals," she told Daily Mail. She also tries to eat small portion sizes. "Now, I'll eat little and often instead of having big meals. I'll have six mini meals a day just to keep the metabolism kicking in," she explained. 


No Deprivation

Lucy allows herself to indulge. "I don't deprive myself – I love chocolate so I have a little bit every day. It helps not being a big drinker too because if I was drinking a lot I would be a lot bigger," she told Daily Mail. 


Counting Macros

Recently Lucy-Jo offered a "health and fitness update" to her followers, revealing that she is on a "journey to getting stronger and fitter." She explained that she started working with a new trainer and made "massive changes" in her diet, "hitting my daily calories and working out my macros (carbs, proteins, fats) and making sure I'm eating enough protein to help build muscle!" she said. "I only train 3 times a week, mainly weight training, followed by 2 x 20 minute cardio sessions a week, and I have to make sure I'm hitting me steps daily!"


This Is What She Eats

Lucy recently revealed some details about her diet. "So this is what I eat in a day! I have lots of options that Elliot has provided for me, but these are my faves! I get 2 healthy (but feel naughty 😁) snacks, as I have a sweet tooth… and I have 3 high protein and gorgeous meals. This is just the start, so as I start to build muscle and want to tighten up the meal plan will no doubt get stricter 😂 but for now these are my meals and I bloody love them all. They don't take long to make eaither, as you know I'm not the best of cooks and I rely so much on my air fryer in a post," she wrote in a post.


Trip Prep

"I am on countdown now for our family holiday and I want to get in the best shape possible in between work and running around after the kids and sorting the house haha but I'm prepared to put that time in to myself and I know I'll feel good on the Holiday, and also then I can enjoy myself and let my hair down when we're there!" Lucy captioned her recent post. "So this week I'm pushing harder, 3 times at gym the still, weight training followed by some extra cardio…. I'm dropping my cals slightly too so I can improve my muscle tone!"

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