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Courteney Cox in Workout Gear Plays Tennis and Says "I Got It"

This is what her workout regimen looks like.

Courteney Cox is 59 and killing it in the gym and on the tennis court. Cox has switched up her exercise routine to really focus on building muscle and staying strong—but she still has fun doing it. The actress shared a video of herself on social media, playing tennis in a gray t-shirt and black workout pants. "I got it!" she captioned the post of herself comically catching a tennis ball in her mouth. Cox is still making people laugh—here's how she stays happy and healthy while approaching 60.


Juice Over Caffeine

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Cox starts her day with home-made juice and avoids caffeine. "I take vitamins every morning," she told Marie Claire. "I used to do celery juice in the morning for about two years. I was so obsessed with it that I even did it on vacation. I would find a way to get a juicer and do it. Now, I am doing the cucumber, pineapple, ginger, and lemon thing. I don't know if it's cleaning my gut, but it's a way to get something liquid down because it's hard for me to drink water. Finally, I have a cup of decaf coffee with oat milk and honey."


True Crime Lover


Cox winds down at night with scary TV shows and body brushing. "Around 6:30 p.m. is when I light a candle and just chill out and watch something on TV," she told Marie Claire. "I love documentaries. That's a big thing for me. Of course, everyone likes true crime and that includes me. At night, before I go to bed, I wash my face and clean it off with a hot towel that I've placed various oils on. Then, I do the same body brushing I did in the morning with my dry brush."


Fun Hobbies

Hobbies are very important to Cox, who is passionate about design books and music. "I love to cook and I love to play the piano and I love to play tennis and I love to putter," she told Vogue. "Puttering is a big one for me. If you just have time during the day where someone says, 'you have nothing to do for the next hour and a half,' I just go through my house. I recently redid my bookshelf. I don't read—sorry! I try. But when there are too many words on a page, I just get overwhelmed and it's hard for my mind to slow down. I'm just not a reader. But I love design books, art books."


Treadmill and Crunches


Cox's workout routine includes gym machines and crunches on the mat (which she admits to not being crazy about). "I have a new trainer, who I love," she told Vogue. "She's a physical therapist—that's how we started together, because I had some back issues—and now I work out with her three days a week. I just expanded the gym at my house and I'm so in love with it. I have a few machines and then I have one of those Bosu Balls to do leg presses. But she puts me through it. Say maybe I'll be on the treadmill for three minutes, and then I'll be on a machine, and then I have a leg press, and she'll have me do crunches. I think machines are so much more fun than doing mat work."


Tennis and Weight Training

Cox knows how important weight training is for women as they get older. "I play tennis twice a week," she told Marie Claire. "I used to box twice a week, but my left knee is hurt. I also do Pilates once a week. As I get older, I realize it's more important for me to do weights. It's amazing how I used to be really muscley but not so much anymore."

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