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Cowboys Cheerleader McKenna Gehrke Shares Swimsuit Photos From Mexico

Cheerleading runs in the family.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader McKenna Gehrke had the best trip to the Grand Luxxe At Vidanta Riviera Maya, calling the experience "unforgettable". Gehrke and her fellow dancers posed together in blue bikinis on a sun lounger, with Gehrke also posting a picture of herself standing on a bridge in a brown bikini. "My fav Mexico moments 🩵🏝️🪅," she captioned the post. "I haven't stopped thinking about those tacos," commented Cowboys cheerleader Camille Sturdivant. Want to train like an NFL cheerleader? Here's how Gehrke does it.


Dance Background

Gehrke's background in dance made her a shoo-in for the Cowboys cheer team. "I started dancing when I was two years old and have been technically trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, musical theater, hip hop, and pom," she says. "In high school, I made the nationally ranked Cherry Creek Varsity Pom Team as a freshman and danced for all four years, serving as captain my senior year. In college, I made the University of Arizona Pomline as an incoming freshman and spent the last four years performing on the sidelines, serving my junior year as Co-Captain and my senior year as Captain."


Pilates Classes


Gehrke's favorite workout is Pilates, which is especially beneficial for dancers. "Fine-tuned as dancers are, when we're at our peak, dancing at least six days a week, several hours a day, it's grueling, and the repetitive motion puts stress on the same muscle groups again and again," says trainer Judi Bar. "As human beings, we are creatures of habit," Bar notes. "We walk a certain way, we take the stairs a certain way, we stand a certain way and we sit at our desk a certain way. So, our muscles get imbalanced because of overuse. What Pilates does is help to counteract that."


Runs In the Family

Gehrke was inspired to become a cheerleader thanks to her mother. "My mom was an NFL Cheerleader, and I've always looked up to her; being able to hear about her experiences on the sidelines inspired me to pursue my dream of also becoming an NFL Cheerleader," she says. "Being a DCC has been a lifelong dream, so I would have to say making this team is my biggest accomplishment!"


Coffee Lover


Gehrke's energy booster of choice is any coffee which, as she says, she cannot live without. "I'm certainly familiar with a lot of research showing that coffee has a mildly beneficial effect in protecting against issues like stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular problems," says Steven K. Rothschild, MD. "Keep in mind that the research focuses on the benefits of black coffee, which we're still learning about. But we definitely know the harms associated with the fat and sugar you find in a lot of coffee drinks."


Her Perfect Day

Gehrke grew up in Colorado, so she prefers the beach over the mountains for a change of pace. "[A perfect day is] waking up in the Colorado mountains with a fresh cup of coffee, hiking with my friends or family, and ending the day eating some yummy food and listening to music with the people I love," she says. "[I cannot live without] My family and coffee!"

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