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Criminal Minds Star Jeanne Tripplehorn Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Summer"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Criminal Minds star Jeanne Tripplehorn loves playing with filters on her social media. Tripplehorn, who played Alex Blake on the show, shared a very artistic picture of herself in a natural pond, wearing a bathing suit as she poses next to some rocks. "Sometime Summer," she captioned the post. Tripplehorn has been on screen for decades, playing iconic roles both in movies and on TV. Here's what her attitude to work is these days.


Oatmeal and Peanut Butter


Tripplehorn loves oatmeal and peanut butter, as revealed by her Big Love costar Ginnifer Goodwin. "Jeanne Tripplehorn taught me — and this is the most amazing thing in the world — make some instant oatmeal, and put a tiny spoonful of peanut butter and a tiny spoonful of jelly in it, and mush it all up," she says. "It is like a mushy peanut butter–and-jelly. It's genius. And it's very satiating."


Stunts on Set


Tripplehorn is not afraid to get physical on set, and even performed stunts on Waterworld. "I don't even know if they would ever do this again," she says. "Kevin Costner and I, there's a scene where we're underwater and he kisses me because I'm running out of air. We actually, the first time we filmed it, we were in the ocean — we were 20 feet under, we had all the safety guys right off camera."


Control Over Projects


Tripplehorn loves having more control over her career these days. "I'm not saying that I don't have to work now because obviously I still do, but I'm now able to be a little choosier in what I want – and what I want is, I don't want to act because I have to, I want to act because of a particular director or a script that inspires me to play as an actor, and to get back to why I loved it in the first place," she says. "Play is just more of a metaphor for freedom, I think. I just want to fly a little bit more than I have, because I've been a bit grounded… Especially now that the COVID curtain has lifted a little bit and we're back to business, and also where I'm at age wise, there's never been a better time."


Inspired By Classic Cinema

Tripplehorn was inspired to become an actor after watching The Women with her grandmother. "I remember she told me going in, 'Now, everybody in this movie is a woman. There's not one man in this movie.' And I thought that was just the most amazing thing," she says. "At the very beginning, these two women are walking into the beauty salon and their dogs get into a fight. And I remember leaning over to [my grandmother] and asking, 'Are the dogs both girls too?'"


The Terminal List

Tripplehorn made sure to keep things light on set while filming The Terminal List. "It was all light. I mean, it was all laughing," she says. "Of course, like when you're really in the middle of a scene, and you want to keep it going or whatever, you can't break. But you get into a rhythm with people, and so you know what's appropriate and what's not. But I think everybody was sort of on the same page. You have to lighten it up. And we were talking about this earlier, I am notorious for breaking. I have to, for my sanity."

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