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CrossFit Star Steph Chung In Workout Gear Says "One Rep At a Time"

“One rep at a time 👊🏼 #RoadToBetter #ComebackKid #GirlsWhoLift #IAMNOBULL,” she captioned the post.

CrossFit star Steph Chung is a force to be reckoned with, now she's back to competing against the best of the best. Chung shared pictures of herself wearing purple leggings and a white sports bra, lifting weights and hitting the stationary bike for cardio. Another shot showed her using a jump rope at the gym. "One rep at a time 👊🏼 #RoadToBetter #ComebackKid #GirlsWhoLift #IAMNOBULL," she captioned the post. Here's how the athlete trains, eats, and kicks the competition. 


Hitting the Trails

Chung enjoys training outside whenever possible. "I've definitely gotten out of the gym more, with more track and trail running sessions, swimming, biking, and moving odd-objects," she told The Barbell Spin. "I've been training in Fond du Lac, WI for several weeks with the other TTP athletes, and it has been really fun to take advantage of the outdoor offerings here. The volume has increased, the weights are heavier, and I'm practicing some irregular Games movements such as pegboard, strongman elements, and parallette handstand push ups."


Upside Down Exercises

Chung enjoys challenging herself with workouts. "Some of my favorite movements are snatch, overhead squats, jerks, bar muscle ups, handstand walks, and handstand push ups!" she told The Barbell Spin. "It's hard to generalize with workouts because I end up loving many different types of events. That being said, I really enjoy chippers with mixed modalities and anything that involves being upside down!"


Training Diet

Steph Chung/Instagram

Chung adapts her diet depending on if she's training or not. "It's been a journey learning how to eat when you're not a full-time athlete," she told Ladder Supplements. "I've been used to eating like I train four or five hours a day — at my highest, I would eat around 450 grams [approx. 1 lb.] of carbs a day — and all of a sudden, I'm sitting in a chair for eight hours a day. So I think nutrition for everyone is kind of an evolving science experiment, and that's been especially true for me this year."


Minding Her Macros

Steph Chung/Instagram

Chung is more relaxed about the breakdown of her meals these days.  "I'm pretty type A, so I tend to be overly strict with macros, and I've been trying to get away from that because I don't think it's super sustainable," she told Ladder Supplements. "In season, I would be like 90 percent on-macros, but now I have a couple open meals a week. And if it ends up being more than that, it's not a big deal."


Beach and Pool Time

Chung's favorite way to relax is to spend time by the water. "My favorite thing to do in my free time is spending time with Rob and my friends!" she told The Barbell Spin. "I also love to take advantage of the beautiful UAE weather and enjoy the sunshine at the pool or beach. Aside from relaxing, I also really love to learn through reading, listening to podcasts, and programming for personal training and nutrition clients."

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