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Daisy Lowe in Workout Gear is a "Relaxed Lady" in Bali

She captioned the photo, “This is the face of a very relaxed lady.”

Daisy Lowe is an extremely successful model. She has worked for brands like Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, and Nanette Lapore. Lowe has also appeared in the magazines Elle, GQ, and Marie Claire. Lowe is vacationing in Bali, and she's having a relaxing time. In a recent photo on her Instagram story, she wore a black workout top and leopard print lounge pants. She captioned the photo, "This is the face of a very relaxed lady." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Daisy Lowe stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Meditates

Lowe shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Women's Health. She says that she practices meditation twice a day. "I do transcendental meditation every morning and evening. I can feel that I haven't done it yet. For the past year and a half it's really chilled me out, which is why I'm so strict with myself. If I miss one session, I don't sleep nearly as well."


She's Limiting Sugar


Lowe revealed in her Women's Health interview that she has limited sugar in her diet. "That sugar rise and fall," she explains. "The crash can send you in such a spin that it puts negativity into everything that's going on in your day. I spent all of my teenage years shoving sugar down my neck. And it didn't catch up with me until I was about 21 and my skin started getting really bad and my metabolism slowed down."


She Worked Hard

Lowe has experienced a lot of success in her life. In her Women's Health interview, she says that her success is due to her hard work. "The attitude I have now comes from working as hard as I did in an industry I didn't really fit into. Some people think I'm only famous because of my parents, but I worked my arse off and I'm proud I'm one of the few girls in the industry with curves – boobs, an arse, hips and thighs."


She Stays Confident

Lowe tells The Standard that she makes sure to keep her confidence up, no matter what. "I'm still trying to battle with feeling confident every single day. I started modelling at a very young age so I got confidence from that in some ways, but I also had to deal with rejection. I've worked really hard as a model over the years; I've done the endless rounds of casting with my portfolio under my arm. And sometimes I got my dream job and other times I've been rejected, but you quickly learn to pick yourself up and go again – it's definitely shaped the woman I am today. However, I've always loved being around creative individuals and I'm very grateful for my career."


She Has Support

Daisy Lowe/Instagram

Lowe tells The Standard that she has a lot of supportive people in her family. "I have so many incredible women in my life who inspire me everyday. My mum is so kind and she creates beauty where she goes; she's a true trail blazer. My mum always told me to try and be just really present. I wish I had listened to her more at a younger age but I guess as a teenager you think you know everything."

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