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Daniella Monet In Workout Gear Has "Just Wrapped For the Weekend" Energy

She just completed a secret project!

Actress and singer Daniella Monet is getting back into the swing of juggling her work and personal life. Monet, 35, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a matching sweatshirt, with the text "that just wrapped for the weekend feeling" in text over her post. "Just a mom navigating that 'back to work' OOT life 🫶🏼 thank you to everyone who 'hung out with me' behind the scenes as I conquered my first month away filming this movie!! I promise I'll share more as soon as I can! 🤗 until then, here are some fun, raw random moments from the camera roll ✨," she captioned the post. Here's how Monet takes care of her health and wellness while raising a family.


Yoga and Coffee

Daniella Monet/Instagram

Monet starts her day with yoga and a coffee smoothie. "I blend together a superfood powder, black coffee, nut butter, banana, a date, ice, and almond milk—it is so incredible," she told VegNews. "For my morning skincare, I usually go in with a vitamin C serum and the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream as a daily moisturizer, but if my face is feeling sensitive or if I have breakouts, I like the OSEA Blemish Balm to wake my skin up. And since I have normal to dry skin, I'm big on hydration, so I'm always drinking water."


Plant-Based Space

Monet refuses to place herself in a box, career-wise. "I think I'm still carving that space out for myself," she told L.A Parent. "But I would say I'm really enjoying supporting and investing in companies that are in the plant-based space. There's such trickle-down effect in terms of the environmental impact. Acting gave me that luxury to invest in these companies."


Vegan Lifestyle

Monet is a committed vegan. "For me, veganism is the biggest testament to doing something incredible for myself," she told VegNews. "I'm a mom of two now, and the only thing I care about is being 100 percent healthy and able for them—it's different now. We have to do good for ourselves so that we're there for others, and then the impact we make on the lives of animals and the environment is huge, too."


No Judgment


Monet is less judgemental of other mothers since becoming one. "I'm guilty of it," she told L.A Parent. "I wouldn't say that I've judged anyone harshly, but I realize now that we shouldn't give too much advice unless it's asked for. It's great to have community support, but only show up when it's asked for. Spread kindness. Be gentle with one another. It's not that hard. We all have our struggles. Just know that not everyone is feeling like they're thriving.


Beauty Routine

Monet has a simple but thorough nighttime beauty routine. "I remove everything using reusable cotton rounds with my toner and a good face oil," she told VegNews. "I usually jump into the shower after that to remove everything else with water—I don't use any harsh cleansers. When I get out, I hydrate my body with the and put on eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. I usually try to stay away from anything soapy that dries my skin out."

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