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Daphne Oz In Workout Gear Had "Such a Fun Weekend" 

“We spent the entire weekend on the court 🎾 or in an ice bath."

Daphne Oz got to spend some quality time with her brother Oliver on the tennis court. Oz, 38, shared a picture of herself wearing a white tennis skirt and shirt, posing next to Oliver with tennis rackets in hand. "We spent the entire weekend on the court 🎾 or in an ice bath (my back is so grateful) 🥶and I am officially annihilated but you're looking at the mixed doubles champions in our tournament division!! such a fun weekend duking it out match after match with @ooh_liver by my side🙏❤️ and if you're reading this message, I'm already asleep lol," she captioned the post. Here's how Oz stays fit, healthy, and happy.


She Works Out Outdoors

Oz loves working out outside as much as possible (tennis certainly fits into that!). "My family and I made the move to Florida a few years ago, and I've been taking advantage of the weather and running outside," she wrote on her website. "I find running to be the most efficient fat-burning exercise, and in 40 minutes door to door, I can put my workout behind me and get on with my day. But I have to do it first thing or I'll never get to it, so I set my alarm 50 minutes early, have my running clothes already next to my bed, and just will my body into motion before the part of me that would just like to hit snooze has time to wake up."


Daily Diet

Daphne Oz/Instagram

Oz enjoys eggs and sauteed vegetables for breakfast, or a piece of Ezekiel bread. "Lunch is normally where I go for a big colorful salad with beans or quinoa, a scoop of hummus and a simple vinaigrette with olive oil, lemon, mustard and herbs," she told Eating Well. "I like to snack on cut veggies dipped in low-fat yogurt with herbs, or low-fat yogurt with some fruit and small drizzle of honey, or air-popped popcorn. For dinner I often have a hearty stew or a piece of fish or chicken, and I always have a side salad or greens."


Daily Meditation

Oz meditates every day after seeing the positive benefits a friend got from the practice. "A friend of mine recently told me that she spends 10-15 minutes after putting her baby down at night doing some light yoga and stretching," she wrote on her website. "It helps her decompress and get into the headspace where she can enjoy time with her husband without having all the wheels of the day churning in her head. It made so much sense that I've started doing it, and I have to tell you, I am blown away by what a difference just 10 minutes of meditation makes."


Mindful Of Treats

Oz has a few tricks to stop herself from mindlessly indulging in treats. "Before I eat something I know isn't great for me, I'll count to my age," she told Eating Well. "This gives me [however many] seconds to really consider whether I want to eat that food or if I'm doing it out of boredom, stress, celebration etc. If I decide to treat myself, I sit and enjoy it and let the experience of indulging fuel my resolve to live well most of the time. Life is too short to deprive yourself of wonderful, enriching great bites!"


Nighttime Routine

Oz swears by coconut oil for her beautiful skin. "I always, always take my makeup off with coconut oil in a hot shower at the end of the night," she told Eating Well. "It makes me feel so fresh and new and ready for bed. It also opens up all my pores to let me get a better cleanse at the end of the day."

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