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Davina McCall in Red Crop Top Goes For "Epic" Run By the Sea

Here’s what McCall’s exact diet and exercise regimen looks like, and her tips for fitness beginners.

British TV star Davina McCall never skips her workouts, even when she's on vacation. McCall, 56, shared pictures of herself on a trip to Australia, including one of her in a red athletic crop top. "I'm a bit quiet on here atm coz I'm in Australia seeing Tilly !!! Yayyyyy! ( my youngest daughter) And my family ❤️🥰…. Had terrible jet lag this am but a run sorted me out … running by the sea is EPIC!!! Back soon x what's happening?" she captioned the post. Here's what McCall's exact diet and exercise regimen looks like, and her tips for fitness beginners.


Bone Broth


McCall is mindful of her sugar intake, and starts the day with collagen bone broth. "I try not to goad the sugar bear," she tells HELLO!. "I'm not being all holier than thou by cutting out refined sugar, I'm just trying to help myself because once I start, I can't stop. I try not to eat until after I am finished [with my workout] so sometimes I might not eat breakfast til ten. I will either have one and a half Warburton's crumpets (two is too many) with butter. Or I'm slightly in love with Megan Rossi's Bio & Me [granola]."


Healthy Family Cooking

Davina McCall/Instagram

McCall adapts her family meals so she can enjoy low-carb options. "I try to have my main meal at lunch," she tells HELLO!. "So usually something like pasta, or a courgetti, or eggs with something. If I'm with the kids I'll probably do some kind of meat and potatoes, But I might have a salad with some of the meat. Likewise, if I'm doing a roast chicken, they might have chips, but I'll just have the chicken on a salad with some avocado, or another kind of crunchy vegetable I can find."


Work Out First Thing

McCall works out first thing in the morning so there are no excuses for skipping exercise. "Set your alarm for half an hour earlier, get your workout out of the way first thing and you'll still have all that time for everything else you need to fit in during the day," she tells The Menopause Centre. "I used to do a class at 7am every Monday morning and I was so smug for having the first workout of the week crossed off the list by 7.45am. I always used to post a really smug selfie of me with a caption like 'oooh, exercise – tick'. I mean, I literally hated myself for posting it, but at the same time I felt so good to have it all done and it really set me up for the week ahead."


Take a Walk

McCall walks as much as she can. "It's so underrated and overlooked, but I love walking," she tells The Menopause Centre. "It's free, it doesn't need loads of fancy equipment and it totally clears my head. It's also so easy to build into your life. Try walking the kids to school, walking to the shops or the train station, instead of jumping into the car. I'm out walking twice a day with my dog Bo – I wear a running belt over my clothes that my kids laugh at, but it's brilliant because I pop my dog treats and poo bags in there and get walking."


Mental Benefits of Exercise

McCall exercises not only for physical benefits but mental wellbeing. "I've believed in the link between being physically active and mental wellbeing for a long time," she tells Health & Wellbeing. "It's partly why I've launched Own Your Goals. It's my online fitness programme which offers tailored workouts, nutrition guidance and wellbeing advice in one place. It's a holistic approach to fitness, and about far more than just weight loss. It brings together things I believe in – eating well, exercising for health and techniques like mindfulness, since all of these things contribute to feeling the best you can. It's about looking at fitness through a different lens. Exercise should be seen as an investment in long-term health, rather than as a route to weight loss only."

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