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Davina McCall in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Rowing Routine

Here is everything you need to know about her fitness routine. 

Davina McCall is going for a row in her two-piece exercise clothes. In a new social media post the 56-year-old shows off her amazingly fit body in a sports bra and leggings, while revealing details about her workout. "So I went to the gym and rowed today in honour of @blakely.linda who leaves for her row across the Atlantic on Saturday morning," she started the caption. What does her rowing workout consist of and what other exercises keep her fit? Celebwell has all the details about everything you need to know regarding her workout. 


Running Once or Twice a Week

"I usually run once or twice a week … but I twanged my Achilles so I'm resting it . I can exercise but I can't run," Davina wrote in the post. According to the Mayo Clinic, running is great for cardiovascular health, muscle building, and weight loss. "For every mile run, the average person will burn approximately 100 calories," they say. 




Davina also revealed details about her rowing routine. "I did 4 mins fast 1 slow, 3 fast, 1 slow… u see where I'm going .. by this point I was KNACKERED. She is doing weeks !!!! On her own !!! And is even celebrating her 50 th out in the Atlantic … this really made me realise how tough it's going to be if I was struggling after 10 minutes," she wrote in the catpion. 


Why Rowing Is a Good Workout

According to AFPA Fitness, a rowing machine exercises your upper body as well as your lower body. "The rowing stroke when using an indoor rower is composed of 65-75% leg work and 25-35% upper body work," they say.



Davina also does yoga. "If I have to work out at the end of the day … a yoga session on @ownyourgoalsdavina with @concretejungleyoga is perfect . Just a quick 20 mins but I feel like I did SOMETHING!!!" she captioned a post. There is a laundry list of reasons to do yoga, explains Harvard Health. "Researchers found that people who practiced yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood," they said. "People who were overweight actually lost weight. Overall, those who practiced yoga had lower body mass indexes (BMIs) compared with those who did not practice yoga. Researchers attributed this to mindfulness. Mindful eating can lead to a more positive relationship with food and eating."


Exercise Gives Her Confidence

As to why she exercises? "I want to inspire everyone to get up and go do something. Doing anything will make you feel good about yourself – it doesn't have to be a spin class or boxing class, it could be a simple walk. Just do something!" Davina said in another interview with HELLO! "I feel like I just want to show people that you are never too old to do anything. You're never too old to start getting fit," she continued. "Body confidence is not about the size you are, it is about how you feel about the size that you are. My mental health improves when I eat better and exercise."


Exercise Also Promotes Longevity

Davina added in an interview with Women's Health that she also sweats for longevity. "Previously, my 'keeping fit and healthy' was all about my body and making myself look hot in a bikini… and actually, now it's just about staying alive longer and being in the best possible position to beat anything should it come my way," she explained. 

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