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Davina Potratz in Two-Piece Workout Gear Share "Diet Inspo"

Here is everything she eats in a day.

Davina Potratz is revealing the diet responsible for her amazing body. In a new social media post the Selling Sunset star shows off her amazing body in a two-piece workout ensemble while also dishing on her daily diet. "Can't decide what to eat? Steal my meal ideas! Join me on a typical day for diet inspo. I like to keep it high protein, low sugar and delicious. Your most requested video is finally here. Let me know how you like this video and what your favorite foods are!" she captioned the clip. Here is everything you need to know about her diet. 


She Gets "A Lot of Takeout"

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Davina starts by making a confession. "Now, full disclosure, I get a lot of takeout, but you can easily make these things at home, so let's go eat," she says. 


She Drinks Water and Coffee with Creamer

Davina Potratz/Instagram

Davina starts her morning by hydrating. "I typically start my day with a glass of water because your body's been dehydrated after sleeping. So that's the best way to start," she says. "And then I have a cup of coffee with one of these two creamers, depending on how sweet I'm feeling, which I absolutely love, and they're delicious."


She Follows It Up with a "High Protein Savory Breakfast"

Davina Potratz/Instagram

"I love to start my day with a high protein savory breakfast to avoid blood sugar spikes, followed by a seeded gluten-free granola with Greek yogurt for more protein and blueberries and strawberries," Davina dishes. 


Protein Bowls and Smoothies

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"For lunch, I like to have protein smoothies, or my favorite is a protein bowl. This just has a frozen banana plant protein, almond butter, and almond milk. Top with a little bit of granola, blueberries, and manuka honey," she says. 


Chlorophyll Water

Davina Potratz/Instagram

"As a juice alternative, I love this beverage," she continues. "It's a chlorophyll water, super low in sugar, only eight grams for the whole bottle. It also has aloe vera. It helps with digestion, and it's super yummy."


Fish and Salad or Veggies

And, for her last meal of the day, she pairs a protein with produce. "So we made it to dinner. I typically have fish and salads or mixed vegetables," she says.

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