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Davina Potratz in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Weights Routine

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Selling Sunset star Davina Potratz is passionate about fitness, and loves sharing her workouts with fans and followers. Potratz posted a video of herself working out in a black sports bra and matching leggings, using weights in both hands. "Quick but efficient upper body workout! 4 x 10 plate clean and press, weight as desired! 3 x 12 bicep curls into reverse grip shoulder press, try 8 lbs! Let what you think, enjoy!" she captioned the post. Here's what Potratz's exercise and wellness routine looks like.


Typical Day

Potratz makes time every day for meditation and hiking. "During the quarantine I learned to fully work from home, which I've really started to enjoy," she told Naluda Magazine. "I alternate between working with real estate clients, managing my beauty line, giving interviews, various phone calls and regularly updating social media. I am also currently taking an online course in entrepreneurship so I try to get a little reading done for that. I take a quick break for lunch and meditation then head out for a hike."


Hitting the Weight Room

Potratz works out at the gym, focusing on strength training exercises. "Happy Monday! After being out of town for almost three weeks and surviving some crazy weather here in LA over the weekend, I wanted to start the week off strong with some fun and easy glute exercises!" she captioned an Instagram post.

"•5 x 12 dumbbells squats at 35lbs or whatever weight you're comfortable with. I like these squats because they're easy in my neck. Be sure to watch your form and keep your back straight.

  • 5 x 12 wall ball squats, keep your back straight and dip low for maximum impact."


Beauty Boss


Potratz created her own bronzer and spray duo with beauty brand withSimplicity. "I came up with a bronzer that's super hydrating but gives natural color so you don't get these really dry crow's feet or just dry skin in general," she told Page Six. "So it's hyaluronic acid bronzer with the setting spray that I really love… I was always obsessed with beauty. Ever since I was a little kid, my mom would spend hours doing her makeup, so I'd watch her do it and I did modeling for 10, 12 years and I worked with some awesome makeup artists and was like so fascinated by their tricks of the trade and just cool, fun things, like blue eyeshadow and whatnot."


Set Clear Goals

Potratz believes in the power of setting intentions. "The greatest lessons I've learned are to get clear on my goals, focus on my vision and then let actions reflect those intentions," she tells Naluda Magazine. "The universe will conspire to manifest your ideas. I also believe in standing by on your values, no matter how enticing a situation may seem."


Charity Work

Charity work is important to Potratz, who donates both time and money to worthy causes. "I regularly donate to Childhelp, an organization that helps abused and neglected children and I've also been donating and volunteering at Food on Foot since 2014, a non profit that helps homeless people get back on their feet and was featured on the show," she told Naluda Magazine. "I am also very interested in working with an anti-human trafficking organization."

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