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DCEU Star Blake Lively Shares Swimsuit Photo That's "Uncanny"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

DC star Blake Lively is having a little fun with her social media account (as always), experimenting with AI. Lively, who played Carol Ferris in Green Lantern, shared a picture of herself posing in a red bikini with matching red heart-shaped sunglasses, a retro filter making the picture look gorgeous. "Know im gonna draw it with AI… 😍 🍼 🍼Uncanny," she captioned the post. Here's how Lively's approach to working out has changed, according to her trainer.


Consistency Is Key

Lively has become more consistent with her workouts and diet since having children. "I think the thing with Blake now is that she's understanding the importance of trying to be consistent," longtime trainer Don Saladino says. "She's no different than any other person you know, she's a mother right? She's a human being. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean that her tissue or muscle or bones are any different. She's a human being. It's not always easy, right? As she'll admit, like, some days her kids might be up all night or something's going on just like a normal mom has to deal with, but I really believe that Blake's success recently is an effort to make time and do the best that she can. Sometimes things could get in her way or sometimes things will pop up and she accepts it and she moves on. That's really it."


Slow and Steady


Lively's trainer Saladino makes it clear slow and steady is what wins the race. "Most people out there have to understand that this isn't about coming in and stepping on the gas and going as hard as you can every workout," he says. "That's the biggest mistake that people make. The reality is, it's never gonna be a perfect scenario, right? There's always going to be things getting in your way. That's just life. Just get in there and move… just to get in and move everyday successfully, because rather than comparing it to your best workout, she's now leaving and saying, 'Great, I moved!' That's the big lesson here. Don't feel like you have to get up off the couch and set this world record workout. Because if that's the goal, no one's ever going to be successful. We're looking for this level of consistency."


Lots of Vegetables


Lively's trainer Saladino shares the diet advice he gives her and all his clients—lots of lean protein and vegetables, and high-quality carbohydrates. Sugar is a no-no. "Your plate should look colorful," Saladino says. "Your plate should have your protein on it. Your plate should have your vegetables on it. Your plate should have your slow burning carbohydrates on it. And that's not ever going to change. I would use vegetables as one category, we need to be consuming as much vegetables as possible. They need to be cooked. They need to be raw, they need to be juiced. One's not better than the other, we need to just rotate through. And we need to have many different colorful vegetables because this is going to help our micronutrient profile so the amount of vitamins and minerals and fiber that's in our body. This is what helps detoxify our body and clean ourselves out."


Simple Skincare


Lively follows a very low-key beauty regimen. "The idea of weekly facials sounds good to some, but I'd rather spend that time with friends and family," she says. "I don't rely on professional skin maintenance. In winter, I focus on hydration, in summer, I go with lighter moisturizers, and regardless of the season, I am always focused on sun protection. I tend to make my statements in fashion rather than beauty. My favorite makeup look is something that has an effortless and deconstructed look – dewy skin, a neutral eye palette with mascara, and a glossy nude or pink lip."


Ballerina Bun

Lively has a low-maintenance hair care routine. "My hair changes depending on where I am," she says. "If I'm someplace very humid, it can get a little frizzy and big, so I need something to calm it down, but when I'm home in New York, what I really want is volume since I like to wear my hair loose. L'Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy shampoo and conditioner make it look like I spent a lot of time on my hair when really, I probably just put it in a ballerina bun and let it air-dry."

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